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Spots in NH


are there any good spots and active kiters in NH? So far, I've always been to Nahant when the wind was good but it's always such a long ride down there and I'm looking for something more local. How about the seacoast area? Is anyone kiting there and are there any flatwater spots in NH?





There is a group that rides

There is a group that rides in that area, Seabrook , Hampton, Hampton harbor and more. 

Thanks for your response. Do

Thanks for your response. Do you know what wind directions are good for Hampton harbor and where the launching spot is? Also, is there a groupme chat or so? I would love to know when people are going out.




MK SESSION POACHING  is the groupme name.....

Hampton harbor spot is south side of bridge I believe and should be good with anything with WEST in it. Ocean side I would think anything with East would work. But confirm with locals





Could you please add me to

Could you please add me to the group? Can you share the link or do you need my email address?

Need your mobile number

Need your mobile number

I was added. Thanks guys

I was added. Thanks guys

mouth of the Merrimack

The tidal break mid-tide is swift and dangerous at the mouth of the Merrimack. All the tidal marshes and the river flow out and hit the Atlantic in a whole mess of breakwater next to the jetty; I would not advise kiting, especially during the tidal break. Note the coast guard museum right in Newburyport harbor. 


Took a ride down to Salisbury today, went to the boat launch at the state reservation. High tide. That whole area, mouth of the Merrimac I think looks like an awesome place to kite. Any info thoughts would be greatly appreciated

I would like to get on that NH group if possible as well

Check out Biddeford pool!!!

Check out Biddeford pool!!! Parking is weird but man low water levels and things are good