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West Island

Where is the best place to launch and kite at West Island? I have been to the town beach parking lot and walked east to the crescent beach, is this the spot? It looks ike there would be some ver nice calm water to the north of west island? Has anyone done that? Same launch spot? Any problems parking in the town beach lot?


The East facing beach is the

The East facing beach is the best, sandy for the most part of it and plenty wide. I do not know if permitted to kite while the guards are there but I think they leave at 3 or 3:30 though in season beachgoers stay later, 2 more weeks for the guards, parking is great (not free while the guards are in post).

The South West facing part of the beach has lots of rocks, I've seen windsurfers there before, I would avoid it and there are much better beaches in South West winds anyway.

The East beach is kinda nice off season with North East to South East winds, I've been there a couple times.



West Island is often windy.

West Island is often windy.  In a SW wind during the summer months the West facing beach at the Southern tip is the place to be, away from lifeguards.  In a Northeast, you can park on the northern tip of the island.  Some decent slicks there.



Jean, where do you go to kite the North side? There is no beach it looks like marsh and rocks.


There is a dirt road that

There is a dirt road that takes you to the marsh, not ideal at high tide.


If you're kiting there for

If you're kiting there for the first time, check in with the life guards. They'll tell you where the swim zone is and will guide you on where to launch. If they're not there, you can set up and launch anywhere. Of course, use common sense and give beachgoers a wide berth. One ugly incident could easily get kiteboarding banned. 

Mind the rocks, the south

Mind the rocks, the south eastern tip is a graveyard of boulders that are revealed only when the tide is lowish.