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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and had a question about Wollaston. I did a quick google search to see if it was okay to kite at Wollaston. I read a thread that suggested you could ride there in the right wind however this thread was from 2009/2010. I checked the beach section but didn't see it listed so I wanted to see if this is still accurate. I was thinking about trying to get out today (I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute) and I'm currently crashing at a friend's house in Quincy.

As for myself, I'm a beginner (capable of riding upwind, working on transitions and toeside riding). I've been riding off and on (nothing consistent) and decided that I need to make a real effort to ride or just hang it up. Just got back from a great road trip up to PEI and looking to continue riding now that I'm back in Mass.

Thanks in advance!


I think it's ok

I've heard about people riding there and someone mentioned they saw kiters there this past summer. I think it's fine, just doesn't seem like the greatest beach compared to Nantasket or Pbay.

Hi Tyler, 

Hi Tyler, 

Wollaston is totally rideable at this point.  It is managed by the DCR, so they would be the ones telling you to stop if they had a problem with it. Just be respectful and safe and you should be fine. I've only kited there once just to say I've done it (that was probably in 2009), but it was not great so I never went back.  I hesitate to put it on the beaches section.  If we put it on, more people will kite there, which isn't a bad thing.  But since the beach is currently without any rules or regulation, it's entirely on the kiters on whether or not it stays that way.  Putting a beach on the site without any rules and regulations is a recipe for kooking and possible bans down the road.  I don't know anyone who kites there regularly, but it would be good to know who the local crew was in case there was a problem.  

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