Kiteboarding is not illegal

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Kiteboarding is not illegal
Everything that skier said

Everything that skier said just made me want to snowboard even more. 

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

That's funny. We had to

That's funny. We had to overcome the same obstacles back in Switzerland. Some resorts banned snowboarding until they realized that they missed out on another load of paying customers. Well, money speaks. They are now welcome everywhere.
Now what does this mean for kiteboarding? We don't pay anyone (except for the expensive MA beaches in the summer). We scare plovers, we are upsetting windsurfers and surfers and paddle boarders, and what else?
Nahhh not that bad. I get mostly great vibes form people watching us. Like: “You put on a great show for us, thank you so much!" "What a great sport, what is it called?" “Can I rent this somewhere?"
Anyone else has a favorite phrase? Oh I have another one, "how much does all this cost?"
Well I had some people swear at me too, had elderly ladies asked me to stay away from her as she was intimidated etc. I guess we see it all. Stay cool, stay friendly, and keep it safe. Peace, out.

I had somebody ask me if I

I had somebody ask me if I could die from kiting.   I told heir i was more likely to die from a car accident. 

Oh man does this take me back...

1993 the snowboard skier wars were coming to a head. We'd all ride up on the lift, and if a skier went on our jumps, we'd yell "f@#k you planker!". Then this one boarder actually took off his board and nailed a skier in the head with his board as the skier was going over a jump(the guy was ok luckily). Then, the genius that did it puts his board back on and tries to outrun the ski patrol...that was on a snowmobile. He didn't win.

It was all so frickin stupid. I trust it won't get that bad for us...we will never have the numbers to be relevant as anything but entertainment.

the skier vs snowboarder wars

the skier vs snowboarder wars were similar to the windsurfer vs. kiteboarder wars.  It all blows away.  That ski area operator must feel like a bag of shit seeing himself on youtube spouting such crap.  In the end, may the better activity prevail.  I like skiing and kiteboarding best.

Alta still has it out for

Alta still has it out for snowboarders. I tele ski and drag knuckles just like many windsurfers kite. Some folks just dont like change. I guess they are just missing out on the fun.

I didnt get to kite today but was out sailing. Its hard having multiple wind hobbies ;)


Afraid of what is not known

Afraid of what is not known to them. Sounds familiar? Racism, immigrants.... watching the debate tonight?

Skateboarding is not a crime

I think that the kiteboarding is more like skateboarding. Skateboarding is not a crime, but people who are too close to skateboarders don't like it. You are liable for your actions when you destroy property or injure others. Kiteboarding is even more fun to watch, more expensive, and difficult to start doing. But skateboarders have never been accused of "scaring birds".

Now, there are skate parks in every suburb in america. Maybe we'll have the same respect once kiteboarding is in the X-games. In the mean time, maybe we print up "Kiteboarding is not a crime" 1980s bumper stickers ?

People are afraid of what

People are afraid of what they don't know. I'm a skier and never had an issue with snowboards, heck I even tried it and ended up in surgery but I remember the controversy in the 80's. I did know know there was a war with between kiters and windsurfers Jean... I never had a problem with windsurfers or kiting near them. At least in the kiteboarding community there isn't as much as "this is my beach" or "this is my wave" that is going on with surfers and would hate.


Message to all dinosaur water

Message to all dinosaur water pushers at pbay... Stay out of my hydrofoil lines!!!