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I am in the market for a new harness and would appreciate some advice. I'd like to get a waist harness that's comfortable, and stays around the waist and doesn't slide up to my rib cage. Thanks.

I was looking for a waist

I was looking for a waist harness that stays put for a while. Tried many and found the Dakine Pyro fit my bill. Used to ride exclusively seat because I could not stand the riding up. I have to add that your body type will determine what works best for you. If you have the chance, test a few and see what works.

ocean rodeo session3

Love the ocean rodeo session 3. comfortable memory foam

If you kite out of Pbay I

If you kite out of Pbay I would let you try my Ride Engine harness. Its great except the straps make it difficult to tighten and requires a little dance before getting it snug. 

You are free to try my RE

You are free to try my RE anytime at PB as well, mine is a medium.  

I like my harnesses to stay around my torso, above my waistline, below my ribs.  I like it tight.  I don't want it to move around or ride up.  I also like a slim profile, my lower ribs are pretty wide and a high-cut harness (like a Warrior) digs in to my ribs.  It's not easy to find a harness with all of these specs.  The RE is good in a lot of ways.  It's stiff.  It is a lower profile.  It does ride up a little, not terrible.  It's a pain to get it off when it's cold.  And I'm on RE #2 cause my first one broke... but the second one I got looks to be of a better build.

All that being said, I'm still looking for an even better harness.  I can't tell if the harnesses were better like 8 years ago or if my body has changed.  I really miss my Mystic Shadow harness and how it fit, but there are a lot of problems I had with that harness too.  I went through 3 of them.  I really like having the second lower strap which they have done away with on their main models, and I've never been around a Mystic Drip or Artistic harness to try one on.  Anyone have one of those locally?

I should try the Pyro Pro.  

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Thanks for the offers. Having

Thanks for the offers. Having read the hype I was sold on getting a Ride Engine harness. I even called them and talked to a guy who sounded reasonable. He told me they were getting their low end (hex core) harnesses warrantied more often than others and suggested getting a team harness. So, I bought one last week and am eagerly expecting its arrival.

nice, now I'll have to try

nice, now I'll have to try yours!

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No problem. Hope S fits you

No problem. Hope S fits you

I wish I got a small until

I wish I got a small until they sent me my replacement and the new one fits snugger... I'm not sure if my old one was a year old and stretched out that much or if it was just a different build.  But very interested in trying a small!

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I have a RE Large with 10"

I have a RE Large with 10" bar (I'm 190 lbs) if anyone wants to try it just let me know, I love it.
I'm not kiting this weekend as I'm resting for a back injury but I'll be at TD-13 the following weekend (hopefully there will be wind).


Anyone using a seat harness?

My 62 year old back cana't take a waist harness anymore.  Been using a Nitrous w/J Bar last few sessions but want to get away from the "trunk" style.  Dakine, Ion offers seat style, anyone using them?

I have been selling the B-2

I have been selling the B-2 Shorts Harness from ION and people are very happy with them!  ION make a super nice product.
Come check them out!


I use the Dakine Fusion seat.

I use the Dakine Fusion seat. Good seat harness with a hook position that is slightly higher than the board shors style ones. Lately I have been riding my Dakine Pyro waist harness a lot more. Still like to switch it up when I kite a few days in a row. Better for my back.

Thank you Daspi

That is very helpful.  I like the idea that the hook is a little higher than board short types like maybe my Nitrous.  PhiI I have beern condidering the B 2 but not particularly interested in trunks. I Like ION products though, like my Select but its killing my back just like my Pyros and they can ride up a bit too.