Flying Alitalia

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Flying Alitalia

will have to fly Alitalia this summer and was thinking about taking my board with me. Seems like their surfboard charges are 250$ per leg, so I gave up on taking surfboard. Only option is golf bag. 

Anyone has any experience flying with them and carrying equipment? will golf bag work?

I feel uncomfortable lying to airline staff and saying I am carrying golf clubs, but if it has to be done will do it. 

What happens if they decide to check? :-)

Anyone can recommend good bag? 


No need to lie to the staff.

No need to lie to the staff. Just say "I'm checking in a golf bag" before they ask you if you're checking in any bag. It's worked for me, and I've never been asked to open it, or what was in it.

Gave up on carrying stuff

Gave up on carrying stuff with me and ended up renting... 60$ per day seemed like a reasonable price..