Has anyone been to Isla Blanca , Mexico ?

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Has anyone been to Isla Blanca , Mexico ?

I'm thinking of going to Isla Blanca for the month oh of Jan.  Has anybody got any advice ? How windy is it in Jan. and what size kites should I bring ? What are the accomadations like ?

                                                                                                             Thank you , Butch Simones



I went about 4 years ago to

I went about 4 years ago to the area...kited playa del carmen and cozumel in february. It was light and the word I got from locals was that was typical. I think you might need to bring your big stuff...12m and 15m.

I'd love to know how your trip goes.





 I'm going to play del Carmen for a week starting November 5.

It's got to be windy!!!

 Do you know any good secret spots? I hear there is a good spot near the Coca-Cola plant 15 min  north of town,  anyone have any such experience?? 



I kited the beach in front of

I kited the beach in front of Playa Del Carmen Kiteboarding. I did this only because it was part of the hotel I was staying at. There was nothing special about the area...no flat water, no waves. I also kited a really sweet lagoon on Cozumel. I loved it...flat water and sand bars. But you need a guy named Raul De Lille to take you there.  

You can talk with Icarus

You can talk with Icarus Kitebaording in Playa Blanca about the conditions then and what they've got if you don't want to bring all your own gear.  It is isolated up there.  Icarus has a guest house that's pretty basic--outdoor showers etc.  I've usually stayed elsewhere and driven up for the day, but it's a good 30-40 min north of Cancun.  Very shallow water with stick markers to avoid.  

I meant Isla Blanca

I meant Isla Blanca