Hatteras this Fall

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Hatteras this Fall

Anyone else planning to go this Fall? Am free Columbus Day weekend and likely will try to do a trip to Waves, NC then...Let me know if anyone else thinking of going then....I may do the last minute booking thing and watch weather forecast (sometimes is better in our neck of the woods than down there!)...seems that flights to Norfolk, VA aren't that expensive (no direct ones thought) even at short notice...If anyone else has good travel tips for last minute pls share (either for flights or a good place to stay if it's just one or a couple people..) - thanks,



I'll be down there last 2 weeks in October

Based in Avon.  If you are at least 2 try a last minute house rental thru one of Realtors.  Often if a house isn't rented you can negotate a good deal.


I just came back from a trip to the outer banks visiting my brother . I was in Southern Shores (next to Kitty Hawk). The wind direciton was generally from the the Northeest making it almost directly onshore on the ocean side, and offshore on the sound. There wind was also weak on most days. The problem is that if you hit a period with tropical storms, the storms can screw up the wind, both in direction and strength. Since air travel is generally cheap in the Fall, you might want to wait until just before you go and pick the region with the best forecasted conditions.

what are the spots like up

what are the spots like up there?  is it as good as the spots down south?  Slicks?

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Not as good as Hatteras, the

Not as good as Hatteras, the sound is smaller there, the access not as easy.  Ocean side is similar to Avon's ocean riding.


Cool.  I figured we all drove

Cool.  I figured we all drove farther down for a reason... never heard anyone talk of kiting north of Nags Head.

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