Phuket Thailand

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Phuket Thailand

Has anyone gone to Phuket and Kiteboarded? I am interested if you could give some ratings on which shop to deal with in regards to renting gear. Also,  If you have some extra info on travel and awesome spots to visit and dont mind sharing that would be great!

Traveling there in February




check out this link

I kite with KBA all over Thailand they have shops on over Asia and you can rent gear there 



Hua Hin

I kited in Hua Hin which is on the Gulf, further up the east coast.   There were several kite shops along the beach but i can't remember the names.   but is a good resource.

Not sure how much wind they get down south.   I was there in March and there was not much wind at all in the south.

I have a great time there but stopped kiting to get out and see the rest of the country...  it's got some amazing geography and islands.