St. Johns / St. Thomas

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St. Johns / St. Thomas

Heading down to St Johns / St. Thomas to visit family, anyone know of good locations to kite?

Hey! I don’t have any advice

Hey! I don’t have any advice for St. Johns and/or St. Thomas but if you feel like buzzing over a couple islands there are some unbelievable kite locations in the BVIs.

My favorite spot is the reef directly in front of Saba Rock on the North Sound (this is where Sir Richard Branson kites…and Obama now)

This May will be my first year kiting at Anegada BVI which should be a surreal kite session.

All of these locations have gear to rent as well.

I know I wasn’t any help to your direct question but I hope this information can at least help get you on the water for a session if you get the itch down there.  


St John

I don't think there is much at St. John. I was there on a non-kiting vacation. All the beaches are on the leeward side (behind the wind shadow of the island hills) and quite narrow. The windward side is rocky and unforgiving, but you'll see some youtube videos there with sketch float launches (, or launching from a boat.

BVI is a much better destination it appears.

St. John doesn't have any

St. John doesn't have any kiteable beaches. St Thomas is usually the ritz Carlton beach or Lindquist depending on breeze direction. If you can't get to above bvi locations then you can probably get a day boat charter to bring you to sandy spit off Jost van dyke. Fun spot but is offshore and the charter boats can start to pile up. The people you're with will have to be ok swimming and hanging out on a small bit of beach all day. 

Bring passport obviously if

Bring passport obviously if you want to get to bvi. Technically don't need it for usvi but does expedite the paperwork when leaving at airport anyways


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad I asked, there's nothing worse than spending valuable kite time searching for that perfect spot....or a spot.

glad to help.  The ritz was

glad to help.  The ritz was where I kited the most on St Thomas.  You don't actually get there by entering the hotel.   There is a road on the northern edge of the cove that goes out to cabrita point.  You would take this road and park at the edge of the beach.  All beaches there are public even though the hotel tries to take it over with their chairs.  Lindquist is more straightforward, but is only kited when the wind has  some north in it.  They're both close to enough to each other to check it out.  Only caution is to watch the coral etc on the bottom, it can poke holes in your kite and feet.  Good luck, I hope there's wind.

Thanks again, always bring

Thanks again, always bring the booties when I'm not sure of the bottom.