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Tulum Mexico

I am off to a destination wedding in Tulum Mexico. Winds are light this time of year so I will most likely bring my 16m and 13m. Has anyone been down that way and can give some friendly advice on launch spots/ places to kite/ schools to talk to for local information. Also, has anyone rented equipment down there. I would prefer to leave all my gear at home and just rent because Im only there for 3 days which will be packed with wedding events.






Just back from 9 days in Mayan riviera. Mostly stayed at resort  just north of playa del carmen. One day kiting there on a 12m with 5'4'' vanguard carrying my 190mlbs body weight.....nice afternoon session . Spent one day at tu;um which was beautiful, didn't get kiting there  but great ruins on shore and super beach with bodysurfing. One guy foiling .... that sort of seemed fun but not sure. Season is starting to ramp up there but if I was you might just stick to wedding for three days. 



Thanks Robert

I left my stuff at home. Two out of the four days we were there I would have been able to fly my 16m but with all the free food and drink I was plenty distracted. Beaches are small in the area but plenty of room to launch and land. Lots of reef action around so best to look before you jump. Good luck to the next person headed that way.

I'll be there in February so

I'll be there in February so i hope i get some good riding in.