newbie looking for kite #2 advice

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newbie looking for kite #2 advice

I've been training with a HQ Hydra 300, and think I'm ready for the next kite.  Should I go up in size with a trainer, add a harness, or get a small real kite?

I'd like to get kite skills dialed in so I can learn to kitesurf next spring.  

What do you think the next step is?

And.. is anyone in western Mass - Northampton area?  Or know of any places around here to practice on land?

Have you taken lessons with a

Have you taken lessons with a professional licensed instructor?

I have - once - and probably

I have - once - and probably too early.  They had me out with a full set up and I don't think I was ready!

Got any instructor recommendations in Mass?

take lessons.  your

take lessons.  your instructor will help you discuss your next kite ;)

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Good call - thanks!

Good call - thanks!

Better yet, plan a vacation

Better yet, plan a vacation to somewhere with consistent wind (Hatteras, Maui, Aruba, Cabarete) and take a week of lessons & learning sessions there.

I like the vacation thing,

I like the vacation thing, especially now with cold coming...

Like you I took a lesson with the now famous Best kites pro rider Chris Bobryk back in 2010 but that was not enough to be on my own. Then I took a week off in January flew to Miami and bought a week of half days lessons in keywest with the kite house, it was awesome tough I'm not sure they are still in business as their website has not been updated and is not working properly at the moment. Another option is Real or kitehatteras in Hatteras, they should get you up and running. Frank Campbell (thanks again my friend) gave me some of his time to help me out with the final touches before I was truly independent after that.

The drawback of the vacation thing is that if you do it say in January or February, there will be a 3-4 month gap until you get back on the board as you won't be riding in the winter as a beginner so depending on how much you remember, you may need to take a few more hours to refresh your skills when you start the season.


Hatteras in Late April early may

Vacation to learn in Hatteras in April / early May when its warm there.  Then come back here and get some riding in before the summer crush of beach goers.

Second that

great to come back and do your early stage kooking in the spring on uncrowned beaches with fewer kiters and more consistent wind.

Mark at Skyhigh

I had lessons for my son and I on the Vineyard with Mark of skyhigh kiteboarding.  Cape Poge on the Vineyard is a killer spot to learn and his boat keeps you moving.  Vineyard is great in the fall.  


Fall on the Cape offers

Fall on the Cape offers excellent learning conditions. Open beaches, Good Winds make for very successful lessons.

Feel free to contact me and we can chat about your next steps to becoming a safe self reliant kiteboarder!





You have  gotten great advice

You have  gotten great advice!! Get lessons I'd be glad to help if you're up north but remember kite siEnis not anything but an indication of wind speed do not be afraid but rather be informed IKO and PASA instructors do a better job