Shipwreck on Long Bay @ Turks

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Shipwreck on Long Bay @ Turks
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Daybreak on Long Bay

Just got back from Turks on the 20th. Gotta agree with Chlemaire, the winds were very light – needed my 14M to ride for 7 of the days and only got out on Grace Bay side once on my 9M, and once on my 7M out of the 9 days that I was there. Booties are mandatory to avoid puncture wounds from conchs and cuts from the coral. Shallow waters on Long Bay are a mecca for beginners and even more experienced riders looking to work on tricks. The wreck has been on the reef since 2004. Rode out to it last year, and the water is still shallow way out there!

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Nice pic, Slyce! Where did

Nice pic, Slyce!
Where did you stay?
You wrote you rode to the wreck last year. Did you kite to it?


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Shipwreck up close

Hey guys,

When I was kiting in T&C a couple of years ago with buddies, we took a kayak out to the shipwreck on a light wind day.

I filmed the whole thing, if you want to see what it was like on the ship, watch this video

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Been out there by boat a couple of times.

I believe Dimitri has been photographed jumping or at least grinding that wreck. Its a long ways back to shore if you have a kitemare....