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2013 Kiteboarding events on Hatteras Island, NC

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I just wanted to drop everyone an invite to attend our Spring kiteboarding events here at the Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding Resort!

April 13-21 is the Ocean Rodeo Crew Event.
Free Ocean Rodeo Demos on the new gear on April 19-20th

April 15-19 - Instructor Certification Program(ICP) - Become a PASA(Professional Air Sports Association) certified kiteboarding instructor!

May 24-27th is our annual Demo Days event and we will have demos on all the new 2013 gear and a SUP race.

As always our resort is open to the public and FREE for you to kiteboard here! I want to extend a warm invite.

-compressed air
-hot water showers
-Bathrooms with music and heat
-Friendly staff to assist you launch and land
-Large Rental Center on site to serve your needs

Chris Moore

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hey thanks for postin here

hey thanks for postin here Chris! If we're there, we will stop by for sure!!


K T H X B Y E P Z !

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OBX April 13-21

thanks for the invite. Will be in Salvo April 13-21 so will definitely stop by.

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Yeah brah!

Yeah brah!


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