Duxbury 3/10-3/13

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Hi Guys,
I will be passing through Boston on my way to Egypt for the African Championships course racing. I will be staying in Duxbury, and was hoping to maybe get a few days of training in. I will have the new Cabrinha Velocity's if anyone would like to check them out. Also, if anyone has an extra set of booties / gloves I could borrow that would be great. Right now I just have a 4/3 shortie.

If anyone wants to meet up shoot me a text / call.

Brian Kender
908 723 1879

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I wouldn't venture out in a

I wouldn't venture out in a shorty in New England in March.



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YA..What did you think this

YA..What did you think this was a joke or something, buddy?

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Hi Brian
I heard you were passing thru' from Mike or Ted (can't remember which)
It's still too cold for me here in MA but I hope you get sorted with a suit and gloves.
I would love to have tried the Velocity and a race board!

Good luck in Egypt.
Have been to Hurghada a couple of times, not sure if you've been before?
I dont have the constitution for it. My advice if you get ill (stomach), see a local doctor or pharmacy as soon as you can.
UK/USA drugs had little effect for me or for the others who got it too!
With some local potions you'll be over it in no time.

Hope to meet up another day perhaps.



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If I didnt have to work... Do

If I didnt have to work... Do you have a shorty to lay over the 4/3? Then hopefully you get a warm day but the water and temps are a bit cold. Might be easier to connect on the shoubox the day before you actually want to get out.

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