How to stop overflying??

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Used my kite today in the first fairly windy conditions. I just picked it up last week and used it in a lite wind last week.

So today i was able to keep good control of it and move it around pretty well but the problem i kept having was it wanted to fly past the zenith and go behind me. i was able to steer it back into the window but couldn't get it to stay at zenith to relax for a minute.

i'm flying a Ozone Frenzy04 5 meter with harness.


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prolly just they way the kite

prolly just they way the kite is. either keep the bar in all the way (or find the sweet spot) when the kite is at the zenith, or shorten the back lines to another knot. or both.

is it a 2004? Frenzy? cause if so, it could easily be a number of things wrong from wear & tear.


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Is it only doing that in one

Is it only doing that in one direction? Like it always tries to move left for instance? Like Jermy said it can be a combination of things specially on a kite that old. If it is just pulling in one direction either one line, or one bridal line has stretched and so one side is now shorter and effectively always pulling. Its just a matter of adjusting the trim. However it could be plenty of other things...


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Yea it's a 2004 but the guy

Yea it's a 2004 but the guy got it and only used it 5 times. The kite looks brand new with not a single sign of wear and tear. The kite stays stable when to the left, top, or right only problem I have is it goes past the wind window and behind me. I tried adjusting the trim (it's all the way out now) and still did the same thing. It handles great and is super responsive.

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Lines stretch all the time,

Lines stretch all the time, both when old and new.

Peg your lines off and see if the bar is even. If not, stretch them out.

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3 Ideas

Innocent the lines could be stretched. This is easy to check as described in prior posts.
1) It could be that you are flying it in gusty conditions and if its near the top of the window it does not take much to go past the zenith. The top of the window is not a particularly stable place to keep the kite. If you want to park the kite in a low power location, pick one at the sides of the window.
2) You could be bringing the kite up to the top of the window too quickly. If its moving fast enough its momentum could be enough. As it flies up to the window, particularly if it is coming from straight down wind of you, it may also be pulling you ever so slightly down wind.

I am guessing, in order 1,2, and 0 in order of probability.


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Tune the kite - might be a simple answer

I have had this problem. If you are all the way depowered in strong wind the kite moves really far up in the window when gusting, and also when it fly it up to zenith quickly. If you power up the kite on the depower strap it won't do this. Of course, you'll be powered up too! A good thing?!

If you can't get the right amount of power for your skill/weight, and you have to depower all the way (causing it to overfly) my vote would be that you need to be using a smaller kite for the wind conditions.

Anways, that is my interpretation, that you need to find a balance between the backstall point and 100% depowered for the given wind conditions, and if you can't, you need to change your kite size.

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thanks for all the help guys.

thanks for all the help guys. i'll keep it in mind not to fly up to fast. i'll see if can make some adjustments on how i'm flying it to see if it helps.. It might have been the gusty winds too i didn't know that would play a factor in it overflying. They winds were around 20-25mph with gusts over 30mph

thanks again for all the info

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