Dear MASSkiting friends.

We wanted to update you on what has been going on behind the scenes:

The current version of or website is built on a platform that is now out of date and no longer supported. A recent server update has rendered most of our site unviewable. We have had some friends look at it, and are still weighing the options. If we cannot just fix what we have, we will have to migrate our site and at the same time upgrade to a newer platform. This will not be cheap. We thank everyone for your ongoing support and we will let you know if there is a way you can help in the very near future. More soon, with LOVE - Mk admin

Kite Carnage

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Whoa! I see the value of a

Whoa! I see the value of a helmet and impact vest. Next time someone wants to argue that windsurfing can be more dangerous than windsurfing, have them watch this video. Wink

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Am I on camera

Did you see me, did you see me Tongue Tongue Laughing out loud !!!!!

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