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2019 New to sport.  Obsessed.  Goal is a min if 50 days kiting in 2020…  have been luck enough to do a downwinder in Brazil and headed to OB with a bunch of Fellow Massholes in April.  Will kite on West Coast March, April…  See you on the water.

Kiting Information

What tricks/skills are you working on?

How about there and back with some toeside, small pops with a lot of Tea bagging. Lol but I love it!  Bring it.

How and where did you learn?

George Parre from Little Compton is my Guru.  Learned close to Falmouth and kite around Westport.

Tell us about your favorite session

Brazilian 300 Mile down winder.  Epic.

What was your favorite kiting trip?

Brazil. Key West is worth the Trip… but really when I’m wet I’m happy!  Kiting to the bitter end.

What is your favorite place to kite?

If it’s 15 plus and Flat. I’m thrilled. And it’s my favorite day. Practice makes perfect.

Do you snowkite?


What is Masskiting to you?

50 going on 14 Again. Nuff said.