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    Went out on Sunday to Nahant beach. Wind was really nice, had a lot of fun in the waves. There was around 7 kiters on the beach despite the rain – so good news community is active. Asked around for communications channels when planning a session and learned that there is an active FB group – but either I misheard the name or the group is private – I can not find it. If that is correct – I would be thankful if someone shared a link.

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    Hi! I’m new in Boston and would be glad to meet some locals at the beach.
    There was some windy days lately but I did not find any communication in public channels about people heading out – where is everybody?

    Sunday afternoon looks promising in the forecast, some rain though. Will I find some folks on Nahant or Revere beaches in these conditions?
    Or should I seek further in the direction of Gloucester or Cape Cod?

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    I am selling my 2019 quiver of Rrd “Passion” kites. The sizes are 7,9,12,15m with 2 sets of bar and lines. One set of bar and lines are still brand new. Kites are all in Excellent condition and been flown 10 times or less each. This quiver will cover any wind speeds and conditions. Having 2 bars lets you kite with a friend or have a back up set. $3,500 for all 4 kites and both bars. Priced well below whole sale. I have pics of the kites and can answer and questions you may have. Will not be able to beat this deal of 2019 kites.

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    I have a 8m Naish single strut Boxer.
    Next to new condition.
    It’s a great kite but it doesn’t suit me.
    I bought it last year when I was still newer to the sport, because it was on sale.
    I didn’t know the difference.
    It’s been used maybe 10 times.
    After I was laughed at for trying to boost on a drifter I bought a 5 strut and packed it away.
    I’ve thought someday I would learn to fool but who knows when that will happen.
    It’s a shame to sit there.
    It’s a 2018

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    Is that a snowboard I see in there?
    What size are the boots?
    You can respond by text if you want it might be easier.

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    Selling winter wetsuit. Bought last year and used only handful of times. NP Mission FZ 6/5/4 HOODED Size S.
    Mission Front Zip 6/5/4 HOODED
    Asking $175.


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    Anyone want to kite Waquoit Saturday (Oct. 12) Morning? Aiming to be there at 8am before the wind from the Nor Easter dies. Launching from dead neck the wind should be slightly on shore.

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    Hi All,

    I started kiting earlier in the year and am looking for some suggestions for places to kite in the Boston area.

    I took the 8 hour beginner kiting course in Panama back in February and just did another 3 hours of lessons in Croatia. I’m able to get upwind but still need to work on doing it consistently as well as work on standing transitions. My IKO certification level is Kiteboarder level 3L by the way.

    I just purchased a 12m kite, bar, harness, board, and wetsuit and am looking for suggestions for where to kite. Pleasure Bay seems to be the preferred spot in the area. Do you think I am qualified to kite here? Is there somewhere else you’d recommend? I don’t know any other kiters in the area and would be down to buy someone a beer if they’re willing to help me launch and give me the lowdown on kiting in the area.

    Any other suggestions?


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    Thursday Sept 26, West Dennis Beach. How do I insert an image in this thread?

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    It’s all about access to the beach. Wingaersheek is allowed after Labor Day. No one around to stop you. Careful of the Annisquam river rip.

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    Need to make some room, so looking to sell some of my older gear, boards in particular — these make for a solid setup/board quiver for anyone new to the sport or looking to try a surfboard…

    I’m looking to minimize effort in selling, so ideally a single buyer would get everything, otherwise would consider selling bits individually.


    2014: North Nugget TT (near new)
    2013 Raptor Pro 136 x 41 (great condition)
    2012 Slingshot Glide 149×45.5 (great condition, cat nibbled on handle, otherwise in great shape)
    2013: Ozone Edge 15m (one professional repair, but otherwise kite is in excellent condition and still pretty crispy)

    $1200 — also have some extra trainer kits and harness if interested.

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    Has anyone ever kited at Crane Beach. I know the website says banned until labor day but ive heard from some others that its not allowed anytime of year.

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    I saw that. Cool to read it all in one article. There’s a ton of that stuff in there that I’ve heard but not all of it.

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    I did not go, it was too bloody hot that day.

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