Mk Community Raffle: Rebuild our Community and Win $1,000!

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Mk Community Raffle: Rebuild our Community and Win $1,000!

Announcing the first Mk Community Raffle to rebuild our site and support our community for years to come!


You probably noticed the website went down for almost 4 weeks a while back and since then the functionality has slowly been coming back but is still rather rough.  We have wanted/needed to upgrade our website for several years now but the most recent crash represented a breaking point.  

We are rebuilding to get it back to what it was and make it even better for the future. Masskiting is the place that brings us together, welcomes new kiters, and lets us organize for a better community here in the Northeast.  
In order to finish restoring we have hired a professional development team.  At the same time we don’t just want to restore masskiting but also upgrade it and offer some amazing new features.  

The site will have a mobile first strategy enabling faster communication and enhanced Shouts, beaches, sessions, wind data, images, videos, forum and profiles that will all be modern, intuitive, and custom themed.  This will create one platform that supports all of our needs as a community and will let us achieve more together than ever before.  With this most recent crash we were given the opportunity to rebuild masskiting and keep it going for the future.

In the past we have asked you to fundraise for the Red Cross, local food banks, Breast Cancer research, programs to help cancer survivors rebuild their lives, just to name a few.  We are extremely proud of these achievements, but today we are asking you to fundraise for yourself and for your community!
We need to raise $7500 and we are going to do it by giving away $1000 cash.  Here’s how it works,
Raffle tickets are $50 each and we are selling 175 tickets.  You can buy as many as you like but once all 175 are sold that’s it.

$50 / ticket x 175 = $8,750 - $1000 Prize money -$250 in expenses and you get!  A new!

Do you like that MA has a vibrant community? Do you enjoy the events and trips it delivers?  Are you proud of the good this has done for the beaches and contributions to good causes raising awareness to the validity of our sport?  Then this is it, this is the time to be an active contributor. We need you!
SO the question is, Will you join us?  

Once all 175 tickets are sold we will have a mid week get together and pull the winning ticket! You do NOT need to be present to win, but we hope you will be :)

Here's how to buy a ticket (or two!)

Send a Paypal payment to,  please mark it personal to avoid the fee being taken out

In the Comments section please write your full name, email address, and mailing address so we can send you your raffle ticket!

Don't use Paypal?  No problem, send an email to and let us know how many tickets you would like to purchase.  We can make cash or check.

Man I love this photo

Man I love this photo

Done - thanks guys!

Done - thanks guys!

I moved back to Boston from Europe in late 2012 where I had just picked up kiting (read - could get up riding and make a b-line downwind). 

I kept pretty quiet on Masskiting until I'd met more than a few of you on the beach but having a view into what people were actually doing and where they were going gave me the confidence to show up at the beach and know there'd be others.  However, I have to admit I felt like a bit of an internet stalker when I 'knew' some of you already by your masskiting handles...

The weirdest instance being when I met kitermike for the first time.  It was my first trip to Chapin in Nov '12 with rented gear from Jay and Rebecca (I had done a waverunner lesson with them and had sort of figured out how to stay upwind - well enough for Jay to leave me to my own devices).  When I got there nobody was around but it appeared to be windy.  I hung out in the parking lot for a while but no one was showing so I decided to bail.

On my way out I passed a black 4runner I recognized  - I had seen it in a driveway almost daily when I went out to run (my wife and I were temporarily in the burbs with my parents) and with the board on the roof and the stickers on the back I knew it was a kitemobile.  I pulled a Uey, followed kitermike into the parking lot where I introduced myself and he showed me the ropes at Chapin.  Was a bit creepy to know the dude's car and have heard of his masskiting handle before he introduced himself (and he did say he was 'kitermike'), but couldn't have run into a better ambassador for the community. Thanks again Mike!

Masskiting was and is and awesome way to connect to the community for people like me who are new (or returning) to town and/or new to the sport.  I still love it as a way to keep a pulse on what's going on where I don't usually ride and to kill a few minutes at work.

Pysched to support the website and am very appreciative of Jean, Jermy, Johnny and Eric for keeping it going and putting this fundraiser together. Thanks again!

See everyone on the water!


In - x2

Thanks for the efforts! I'm a relatively new kiter and when I was at my local beach checking things out everyone told me to go to to get the scoop on beaches, tips, safety, stuff for sale, where the wind was and where everyone was going. Honestly, without the site I wouldn't have met all the cool local people in this sport, made friends, and joined the Masskiting crew in OBX last year (and just joined a house for this year!)

I'm proud to be be part of the community and it's my pleasure to help take this site to the next level!





Great initiative guys, thank you for driving this!

Just bought my ticket... 

Just bought my ticket...  Lets go folks , these guys have done a great job and need our support.

Hey Guys, 

Hey Guys, 

Just bought some tickets. I encourage anyone who has ever been on to help and donate to keep this site running and bring it to the next level!

From my (biased) opinion this is one of the largest kiter resources on the internet, not just for kiters in New England, but worldwide. We've got a really good crew here in New England and thanks for Masskiting beach access has been kept thanks for all the information on the website and efforts from our community to self police. 

Lastly, who does not want to have a chance to win $1000 that can be put towards new year or a kite vacation? 

Paypal to be partake !!! 

I bought my tickets. Thanks

I bought my tickets. Thanks guys for keeping Masskiting going!

I have such great memories with Masskiting. My favorite is camping on Martha's Vinyard with the crew in 2011, driving out to Katama Bay with 19 deranged Masskiters hanging off of every inch of my truck. Nothing like pulling up to a windswept, secluded beach with an impassioned team of like minded kiters that are just happy to be alive to ride that spot that day.

I'm looking forward to making more great memories with all the friends and friends to be that this site brings together.

MK is great!

 Masskiting is the best. Its a great place to make friends and learn more about the sport we all love. I know it's helped me progress and meet some great people along the way. Thanks Masskiting you guys help make kiting funner and safer!

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving to the folks that make this site happen!  It's such a great resource for everything kiting, a common link that brings the entire community together.  Over the last five years I've made new friends from all over New England and beyond, so many awesome memories of day trips and week long vacations organized by the creators and contributors to this site.  Please show your support for Masskiting today!

Won't you join me?

Ever since I started in the sport a few years ago, I have used this forum as an invaluable source of information, education, communication, and perhaps most importantly, of connection. Connection with a truly outstanding community of diverse, yet like-minded individuals of all ages, stripes, origins and backgrounds. A group of caring, welcoming, generous, fun-loving human beings, many of whom I now count as true friends, with whom I have created too many fond memories to list here. The site has been a fantastic tool to help me progress, avoid or learn from mistakes, share the stoke, buy and sell gear. It has also given me a voice, and provided a platform for me to hopefully have made some small contributions to the fabric of this community. If, like me, you've used this site as a resource to become a better kiter and a link to make new friends, do yourself a favor: buy some tickets and be part of that positive force that will make it an even better tool for all of us to enjoy. Long live Masskiting!



thank you guys!!! Bought a ticket!!! Shared on Facebook etc 


buy your tickets today!

I just purchased my tickets. If you haven't done so yet, please do so today. There's limited tickets being sold so help support this great community that helps keep the beaches safe & open to kiters! Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

Thanksgiving Update for my kiteboarding family

My Mk family, present past and future! 

Over the past year, many of you have offered to contribute to the community website as it crashed multiple times.  We were touched by the offers, but felt the need to get to a certain place before we asked for help. 

This campaign is not raising money to start a development process... we started this process months ago when we found a team of developers to work with us. For the last 3 months WE HAVE been working with them on site planning and now we are deep into the site building process. The focus has been on:

  1. Migrating all of our old content (from both sites)
  2. Get it on a new scalable platform
  3. Build out the custom functionality we had always wished to provide
  4. And then give it a whole new look

Your contributions now are all about getting us through the second phase: 

  • Advanced functionality
  • Tweaking the pages layout and user experience
  • Getting a custom theme

We are on a deadline to get a demo of this site in a plain wrapper next week. Yes a working copy with all our 8 years of content!!


Now we are finally at a place where we feel it is appropriate to ask for your help. We are beyond an idea or concept for the future; all our content has been migrated, and most of the functionality and pages are built as I write this. 

So this is it guys. 175 tickets we need $7500 and this one is for us. Lets get 'er done!  We cant wait to share what we have been working on for the last few months with you.  It's almost here!

Please share your stories, why this site is important, hows it’s helped you, and give your help back so we can pay it forward. 


Thank You!

Bought my ticket and more than happy to help support this great site that has been such a terrific resource.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 


2 Tickets, Thanks!

If I win, Nahant beach gets an air compressor and keggerator. :)

I hope you win! :P

I hope you win! :P

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Thank you, Masskiters!

I'm very happy to buy a ticket, as I've always been very impressed with the members of MASSkiting. As a group, they are very kind by giving back to areas they visit. They have graciously held charitable fund raisers for communities where they play. As a resident of Dare County, North Carolina, I was deeply touched by the $3000 donation to the Red Cross on Hatteras Island after Hurricane Irene struck. What a model group. Best wishes for the website!

Chris Shultz
HQ Kites

Got mine!

Got mine!


How to donate?

MK raffle

Nevermind, read a little more and found out how thru paypal, DONE

Bought my tickets today!

Bought my tickets today! Weeeeeeeeee!    


My Mk Story

Wanted to take a minute and share my story, or a small part of it :) and why I support Masskiting and love this community.

It's pretty simple really: I wouldn't be a kiterboarder, I wouldn't have met some of my best friends, I wouldn't have ever traveled to OBX, the DR, Cape Town, I wouldn't be working at WOO Sports, and I would probably be fat and boring!  No in all seriousness Masskiting changed my life in more ways than I can ever express, and it all started with a simple forum post and a fall session at Chapin back in 2007.

I had just taken lessons, could occassionally stay up wind but otherwise was a total noob and I knew NO one who kited.  I had a 15m Best Waroo and a board and no idea how to keep feeding my new kiting addiction.  I posted looking for advice and asking about kiting in the fall, wetsuits etc.  I got a ton of responses and encouragement including one from JohnnyD saying something along the lines of,

"Come to the beach Saturday, I have an old wetsuit that is my dads you can use until you buy your own.  The winter is when you meet your true kiting friends"  I had no idea what this meant but was stoked.  

I met JD, and he promised his dad hadn't peed in the wetsuiit.  Got help checking my lines and making sure my kite was pumped hard enough from Jermy and a couple other guys on the beach.  I went out at super high tide, lost my board in the chop, eventually spotted it getting sucked into the river, ran back in the water with my kite to get it, ended up having to self rescue and swam to the dock on the inside of the river.  It was EPIC, ha!  I didn't know that from that dock it was a 15 minute DRIVE back to Chapin.  Luckily a surfer in his truck was sitting there watching me and stuck around to give me a ride back to the beach.  

While my session wasn't that awesome I got back to the beach, and there was actually some beach now, and spent the next couple hours getting to know JD, Jeremy, and many others.  I immediately felt welcome, safe, and stoked.  I was hooked.  

Since then I have spent countless hours with my Masskiting family and gotten much better at staying up wind!  I have met kiters from all over the world and so many of them know masskiting!  More importantly everyone who sees our community, comes to one of our events, or talks to a masskiter knows, we TRULY have something very special here!  

I am so appreciative of everyones support thus far and really stoked to have this thread and history of peoples stories to highlight on the new site!  


Just got my ticket

MassKiting has been a huge resource for me as I've learned to kite over the past four years.  After spending a year learning in Dux, it was amazing to discover this huge group of people that were also addicted to this sport.  You've been there to encourage me, mock me as I've floated across P-bay after the wind died and to help land me at Dog when it got gusty.  

I've tried many sports and this is a unique dispersed group that is both tightknit for the old-timers and yet also very supportive and helpful to the newbies.  Thanks so much to Jean, Jermy, Johnny and Eric for all their work on this site which is the soul of the group.  Looking forward to getting out on the water with all of you.

My Mk Experience

I vividly remember the first time I saw someone kiteboarding -  I was living and working in Wellfleet for the Summer and from the deck of Bookstore and Restaurant on Mayo Beach I saw two kiters riding out by the jetty.  I had grown up snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, skateboarding etc so these guys immediately caught my attention and when they started boosting 20 foot airs, I became obsessed.

Enter Masskiting - It was a few years before I was able to afford kiting lessons but in those years I learned so much about the sport through the Mk community.  Without Mk, I probably would have bought some used gear and tried to figure the sport out myself on some kiteboarding prohibited beach in offshore wind but the resources available for beginners was invaluable at providing the information I needed to safely get into the sport.  I learned about the different types of gear (kites, boards, bars, harnesses, wetsuits, gloves, travel bags etc), the local beaches (launch areas, rideable wind directions, plover areas, tides, obstacles etc) and got to know some of the local kiters before I had ever put on a harness. I took lessons in Nahant and managed to snap a binding on my first water start attempt but was up and riding by the end of the lesson. It was a life changing moment.  Completely hooked immediately, I then went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks to practice non-stop until I was comfortable riding upwind and even starting to do some jumps.  

Not long after that, I attended the annual Masskiting trip to Cape Hatteras.  I was completely overwhelmed to be an outsider in such a tight knit community and to still be a beginner amongst the best riders in New England but as soon as I arrived the OGs of Mk made me feel right at home. I met so many amazing people on the trip that were incredibly welcoming, friendly and helpful.  I remember during my first downwinder I took a big fall and knocked the wind out of myself and immediately someone in our group rode back upwind to make sure I was OK.  

I've now been a part of the Masskiting community for over 7 years!  To have such a great group of people that are so dedicated to a sport has been truly amazing to be a part of.  It was a life changing experience to not only learn to kiteboard but to meet so many friends while doing it.  Even though I now live in San Francisco, I still visit Masskiting for tips and tricks, gear recommendations, vacation spots and to keep up-to-date on the New England kite scene.  

Huge thanks to everyone that makes Masskiting happen!




Grateful for Masskiting

Hi Everyone, bought a ticket as well and want to share my gratitude for this group. Not only have I made some friends and enjoyed the cameraderie of getting to know new folks and building relationships, but clearly without this community it just wouldn't be the same. From the learning phases and understanding locations, safety, conditions etc. to the discovery phases, which I hope will never end, the advice and perspectives and lessons from so many here are what makes this sport so unique and special (in addition to the thrill of big air and meditation of going in circles/ovals with no beginning and end!)...I think back to learning with Adam at Revere and Nahant in 2008-9 (a clear high point in the depths of the financial crisis), to the first time learning to jump at Duxbury with Pete, an almost accidental affair i.e. trial and error, simply feeling out the contours of the motions, the learning from mistakes, the gradual but certain those cold winter sessions that lasted a mere half hour because of the "hand bottleneck" (still working on this one :)...first sessions at PBay after gaining the necessary experience and confidence to ride with the best of you...ditto for first times at Wing and FE recently...If I hit it big in my job as CIO of a wealth management group, will consider a place with good beach access and be sure to invite others in this community! That would be a dream, and in the meantime, the dream is still alive, not only of "Portland in the 1990s" (sorry, inside joke for those Fred Armisen fans), but of continued safe pursuit of an activity/endeavor/passion/experience that defines so many of our identities and souls! Encouraging others to show their support and ensure we have the right technology and tools to help us move into the future. In gratitude and respect, and see you on the water, -Whit 

Yes! A kite-friendly house on

Yes! A kite-friendly house on Coffins beach would have saved me the mile-long upwind slog to the flats (that disappeared just as I got there) near Cranes on Saturday!!!

Good luck!

Got me some raffle tickets!

Got me some raffle tickets!  Thanks MK for all the great memories (and future ones I dont even know about yet), and JD, Jermy, Jean and Erik for all your work on organizing the MK events and trips.  Looking forward to the new site.  Let me know if I can help out, I'd be happy to do some beta testing.



getting there!  currently at:

getting there!  currently at:


- K T H X B Y E P Z -

what can I say

MK made me the kiter I am today. I started sufing in California, but it kinda sucked because the local heirarchy was so classic and I was always left outside the break waiting for scraps. Move back to MA, take kite lessons, enter MassKiting: a whole new idea. We can be a community. There's plenty of water out there. We can help each other. In my first year of kiting I saw more of costal NE than I had in all my years growing up here. Met great people, figured out gear, locations and tricks largely through MK. You guys all rock.

bought tix

I bought tix before Christmas, have seen the charge on my credit card/paypal, but have not received tix in mail yet. Maybe my info did not get transmitted correctly?




Hi Chip, these should be

Hi Chip, these should be printed up in the next week and distributed.  If you didn't include your mailing address with the paypal payment, send it to 

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

I'm always late to the party...

I'm sorry I am so late to buying my tickets! I hope to see everyone soon; enjoy the spring winds! 


Nope not to late we need help

Nope not to late we need help selling the final tickets. With your help we are about to hit our goal!

Thank you MASSkiting Admins

Thank you MASSkiting Admins and Community,

Without this site and community I’d still be the person sailing around in dinghies telling myself I’ll learn how to kite next year… now I am three years into the sport and haven’t looked back. Why lug around in a sail boat when you can fly (more like crash for me)

Thanks again… ticket purchased.


Thanks for the efforts here guys!

I appreciate the organization and the community.  

Thanks for the hard work on this - Ticket Purchased - 

John Schnauck 



So close.  Reminder, if you have already bought tickets and buy more, you are in the running for a WOO 2.0 and if you buy more than one ticket you are in the running for another WOO 2.0

There are only 9 people in the running for one of those WOOs... pretty damn good odds if you buys another ticket!

As soon as these are sold, we will let everyone know how we go about announcing the winner.  

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

So close, let's get 'er done!

Just bought another ticket... WOO sounds pretty cool, especially as my jumps can currently be measure in single digit inches :-)

it literally makes you jump

it literally makes you jump higher David!  you are a rockstar, thanks for the contribution.  

5 more left people!

- K T H X B Y E P Z -


WE ARE OFFICALLY SOLD OUT!!!! more details to follow!!


- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Raffle tickets

Just sent money for another ticket! Hopefully the rest will sell too!

Don't have me a Woo. Maybe

Don't have me a Woo. Maybe this second ticket fixes that.

Has the winner been announced?

Hi folks, I saw an email inviting us to a Facebook Livestream for the drawing of the winner. As a non-Facebook user I'm wondering where things stand...



Never saw who won or anything on FB or MassKiting.  What happened to this?

update re raffle winners

The traffic on MassKiting seems to have hit a lull, here's an update that I got after emailing Jermy:

"We ended up pulling the numbers on Thursday at the last group house party in Hatteras, and we put the video on FB. The winner of the big raffle was Brian Romer, and the 2 WOO's went to Hans and Whit Collier.  We will do another email or two to everyone who donated to let them know the progress of the site.  At this point we may only be a month away from release... I'm waiting for an update myself from the dev team."

Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the radio silence, i'm still catching up from being away in OBX.

We ended up doing a FB live stream of the party on Thursday.  Not sure if it was entertaining or painful to watch, it was our first FB live attempt.  David posted the winners above, a HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed and helped out.  Seriously, we can't thank you guys enough.  I hope our next update is very soon and we should be down to the last few weeks of waiting for the new Mk.  After over a year and a half of waiting, believe me no one wants to see it happen more than me!

Love this community, OBX this year renewed my commitment and excitement in the crew we have around here.  I can't wait to see you all at the beach.  Tonight looks pretty good, hope to see some of your faces at PBay tonight.

- K T H X B Y E P Z -