More than just a forum, the Masskiting community encourages members to report on their sessions both on the water. Session reports allow kiters to share their experience with the Masskiting community. Users may post pictures, add write ups, and tag other kiteboarders in the session. You can log your favorite sunset pleasure bay session with your buddies or share your new favorite down winder. Session reports are more than just a way to brag about your most recent session, but a way for other kiters to hear about new beaches, local wind patterns, and what to expect the first time they show up at a new beach. Every session report adds to the sum of information and experience that the Masskiting community has to offer as a resource to kiteboarders in New England.

Session Reports

Annual MK Polar Bear plunge @ PB 01/01/2016
Nahan one Beautiful Sunny Monday 09/14/2015
Mk international Film Fest Pictures 08/19/2015
First International Kiteboarding Film Festival 08/19/2015
PB 6-24-15 06/24/2015
PBay jump leaderboard yesterday! WOO!!! 06/09/2015
Pleasure Bay June 9th 2015 06/09/2015
Pleasure Bay June 8th 2014 06/08/2015
Turks & Caicos (2nd Trip) 04/19/2015
First Encounter 4/4/15 04/04/2015
Nice little sesh on Lake Q 02/01/2015
Cabarete 2015 01/24/2015
2015-First MK Polar Bear Plunge and kiting 01/01/2015
Turks and Caicos Shore Club Access Update 12/15/2014
Mk Holiday Party 2014 12/09/2014
Downwinder 12/07/2014
Horseneck 11/17/2014
Crazed Kiters' Addiction 11/02/2014
Good day at Mayflower 10/19/2014
THROWDOWN11 - Sunday Dawn Patrol Kiting Photos 10/12/2014
THROWDOWN11 - Saturday Sunset Session Photos 10/11/2014
Masskiting TD11 Pics 10/11/2014
THROWDOWN11 - Saturday Night Party Photos 10/11/2014
TD 11 Photos 10/11/2014
Sucking at Sukking 10/04/2014
Long Beach, Nahant, September 20, 2014 09/20/2014
Kiteboarding Nahant, Drone Perspective 09/13/2014
Kiting at Moosehead Lake 07/31/2014
Spatsy does Turks and Caicos 06/01/2014
Chapin -May 31 session 05/31/2014
MK Hatteras 2014 05/17/2014
Big Hair Big Air 04/10/2014
2014 Tug Hill 03/16/2014
Movie Night - With a Kite 02/27/2014
Indian Lake Frozen Fog Session 01/25/2014
January Horse 01/19/2014
Wind/timing 01/13/2014
St. Kitts December 2013 12/07/2013
West Dennis 12-1-13 12/01/2013
Horseneck Nov 10th 2013 11/10/2013