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Happy TG, MK
Kiting is more fun when you're getting pelted with sleet
Yeah but it's harder to bike to Nahant from the subway Laughing out loud
@gabriel thinking about it. Revere or nahant?
@gabriel Nahant is usually better in a NE, waves can set up nice although it is onshore. not sure I can make it today
Will hit revere this afternoon if there is enough E in the wind.. others?
Great sesh yesterday w Matth...
Tomorrow could be a good Winthrop afternoon
Dog was graet , 2 1/2 hours of awesome!!!!!
how is/was dog? might head there in a. few, only have a 12m though
Thanksgiving morning water or snowkiting?
Heading to dog in a few minutes
I am thinking DP dog myself
Sounds good Brian
DP Pbay tomorrow anyone?
Nice afternoon sesh at revere
there's one 12m up at Revere, heading back to Nahant, better waves Smile
I think too much SW for Revere. Checking Nahant at 1pm, hope it settles in.
tide is high and not that windy, hope it picks up! going to do revere drive-by
@stoke can you post update or txt 617 281 3383
just put surfboard on roof,leaving Woburn now, ETA Nah 11:40
@stoke what time are you going?
I'm goimng to check Nahant first
Looks like rain lightening up mid day. Revere sounds like the place. P Bay is reading high right now too
windy day ahead, Revere or Nahant?
Oops I am very sorry! Meant to "search" not "shout".
water legs
WD was nice this morning.