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Anyone going on to Chapin this AM?
Alonso, are you trying to go out this weekend? shot me atext at 6175990101
got to fix that 6m. Pumping every 15min gets old fast
spot for NE 4 sure
Nahnt beach is a top
i am wondering if another sunrise session at natant will work tomorrow.
2nd day of Nahant northeaster ... Love that place
7m session with Andrew and Thomas. Wow .. Hold onto your hats!
hoping for horseneck Sunday
Oh yes, it was windy. 6m worked well for me. Small wing but big air.
Nahant was good this morning. There was a lull for about 30 minutes. Waves were clean with a side shore wind.
Windy all day, less rain mid afternoon I think. Nahant afternoon for me.
Any reports from nahant or winthrop? seems like a lot of rain this morning
I will be at nahant for sunrise
anyone going to try natant early tomorrow?
Patrick looping his 9m kite today
Sunrise huckfest at hampton if anyone wants to kite/watch
Dux just spiked at 60. yikes. gusting over 50 this pm. 6 m was a bit much
It was gusting over 45. Dylan and Dani were getting air off the huge waves higher
Fun to see a nice crew out on storm patrol
Yeah, I can feel it now. Still getting in tune with my new kite. Not landing as smooth as usual today.
Incredible day at Nahant. You were killin it Dani !
Waves got just better and better at Nahant, wind plenty too on 8m all day.
Great sesh at nahant
U bastards, get to work!lol
Hampton looking juicy delish - anyone coming up?
At nahant, looking good
when i looked at the meters at 5am it was still pretty light. Now the wind is up and I wish i had go to nahant. Sad