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If only our prevailing was east... Maybe with climate change
Season opener at monomoy. Godspeed to those working to save it
Had a great Dog session with Dylan and Brian then packed up and jumped on a flight to Vegas...
I'll probably act desperate Sunday morning
If I keep staring at the weekend forecast it will get windier? right?
Johnny or admins, the hashtag instagram viewer is broken - there are tons more photos that got posted with #masskiting hashtag since those last ones
No good at all at pbay. Wind dropped with the rain then got too west. Just a few fluky tacks.
Brad - was trying to figure out who that was
Headed to pbay around 10. Hope to see some folks there. @bcransto, Monday might be good for East
Sweet solo 11m surf sesh at Hampton. Shame we don't get more east wind.
Can't make PBay tonight, but anyone up for dawn patrol tomorrow morning?
Of course the slope can be set as low as 2.5% which cuts the height in half, 185 ft where the plane crosses over P Bay
Go back another 1500 ft and you can add another 75 ft so 375 ft off the deck
Not beginning I mean typical landing spot on runway
The typical ILS glide slope (-5%) and a distance of roughly 6000 ft from the beginning of runway put the plane 300 ft above the ground
Two images spliced together. The shadow should be to the NW which is on another image
Wait, no shadow?
Pete, that's for sure a " Tree Top Flyer"
Of course there are those wing vortices!
Pbay looks good right now. What do you mean Peter?
One good reason not to kite pbay in a NE wind!
Change to satellite mode and zoom way in!
@Dunoyer I was thinking WD but wouldn't mind joining you at Hardings.
sea breeze kicking?
So I might hit you up to see where you guys are kiting Smile
TimF: I'm heading down with JimmyC and his crew next week, but I might be down a day or two earlier then them.
I am hoping for DP at Dog or Revere if wind is up early
Anyone up for Hardings Friday?
Duxbury or Natasket