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dog @4
Come on up to Vermont for ice Wink
I dont think I would trust any local Ice. Most water around here was not frozen last week.
Hello boys and girls!! Your local kite repair guru is back from vacay; have you got any broken toys in need of a couple stitches?? If you do, let me know via pm or phone so I can get you back in biz for the snowkiting season. Cheers to all . GATO
anyone know the ice conditions at Quaboag?
@wcwind, I sent you a note with contact info.
quick question- does anyone have contact info (either phone or email) of one of the guys who works for Woo Sports? I had ordered one a couple weeks ago and hoping to get it before my trip next week..thx!
Hi guys I am an international student in Providence, RI, and I am looking for good locations for snowkiting around here. Can you guys give some advice I am not really familiar with the area.
Don't kite Squantum. Dangerous, especially with the tide today.
Gosha, Kiting in Squantum is too sketchy. I am more in mood for snowkiting.
Heading out to Squantum. Not sure if Squantum, Hull or Duxbury.
So... it's windy. Smile
Where's the MK Super Bowl action going down?
Rust Monday 9 inches
Any good fields around metrowest Boston area for snowkiting?
anyone in boston area looking to do something with a kite this afternoon?
did not see that but i wish i had! was down there with Billie in the morning.
Wingy Friday afternoon looking good
Yes, it was dropping off when we left
HN must have died off by the time I got there at 3. Slightly underpowered on a 7m
HN WAS NICE. STEADY 6-8 m and decent waves
Nahant was fluky but still fun
Out at HN ON 6m
Hampton was so sweet this morning
Is PB any good in SE? I know - no East.
Mount Washington has riding it has been riden ice sucks