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picked up dakine pyro harness in pbay. let me know if it's yours.
wish I could have joyned, glad you guys had a nice session
afternoon thermal was really good to us too
Revere was good, 3 hours on my 14m
heading to Revere
Rasmus, try venlig hilsen
Revere forecast around 10mph this afternoon. Hoping to use my 15m kite. Anyone else thinking of heading that way?
I do
Hey MK, Im looking for safe/affordable used gear for students. If u have any full sets or complete kites u want to get rid of asap please PM me. Thanks.s
@rasmus not a big fan of windguru for around here. Personally I go with windAlert/Sailflow/Weatherflow or the NOAA
I always wanted to skurf (short for kitesurf in Angie speak) in a tornado!
Chelsea was the last spotting.
Is it true that Stoke is still floating somewhere over. gotten sucked up the plume
Hi, I just moved to US from Europe. What is the best weather forecast site you use for forecasts in the Boston area? windguru?
There are two kite shops on the Cape in West Dennis. You should be able to rent a board down there.
Hi all. Nice kiting community! I'm in Boston this weekend from Alabama. I brought my kites and gear, but due to airline rules I couldn't bring my board since I don't have a bag for it. Anyone know where I can rent or borrow a board for the weekend?
Nice report on fox this morning about kite ban on outer cape...
Nice 9m day on the Cape
I was there from 12-2ish.. Got a quick ride on my 12 then the wind dropped.. Guy was riding a 19core when I left and just mowing the lawn.
Wind meter shows Nahant dropping off. Going to re-eval in 1 hour.
Let's do Nahant beach then, looking great.
Confirmed tornado at Revere this morning.
revere may be shut down today...serious damage trees down, gas leaks ..not good
anyone got a live wind update for revere/nahant?
anyone going to try and beat the evening thunderstorms at revere today?
Just stopped by Revere and turned around. Today's not the day.
Any one at revere