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WD was great, solid wind, lots of kiters.
Dylan, thx for the update. Heading to HN
I'm thinking kalmus around 5
HN is good. 18-20 maybe. 3-4fters
any updates from HN?
HN eta 2:00
WD eta 3pm
Anyone down for HN?
Biggest waves I have ever been in...
Nice SW along cape later this afternoon... Dennis, Kalmus, or Waquoit.... Humm
We went from foiling in 6.9 mph winds yesterday to riding 5m kites today - YOWZA!
I was on the third shift at Nahant. Still 9m wind in the washing machine, lots of fun!!!
Any session them!!! Hung up in airport in Pittsburgh because of wind in Boston!!!!! Damn it!!
Mega waves today at Nahant.
Awesome session in Nahant today
More like kitewashing, amirite?
I've kited Wollaston beach and quincy bay before. I don't know that today is the best day for it, but it's doable
i kitesurf warning....very stong gust well outside the forecast tables could mix in...50knts!!!!!!!!!
Getting the 6m^2 ready for tomorrow morning. Thinking Revere would be the place but as always is like
high surf advisory!
Revere was great , 12m worked out perfect. Lets see what the morning brings
Thinking about trying Quincy bay (i.e. Wollaston beach). Been researching the water quality measurements and it seems there's been a drastic improvement and the bacteria levels are below the "ma safe levels". Any input on that idea?
It looks like tomorrow is going to be a great beach day. What time we headed to the beach?
Revere delivered. Started on 15, then quickly switched to 10.
Thx Jeff!
A few of us at Nahant now...waiting for the wind to build. Gonna pump my 17m.
Zac, Jeff, Matt, I'm game too. Thinking Revere around 4:00.
Zac, Yes, I am tempted.. Post a wind report if you go.