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Better off going to Waquoit.
looking for a kiting buddy; live in Fairhaven. Anyone around tomorrow to kite around 9am at west island in Fairhaven? Also willing to try Waquoit. I want to work on riding but have difficulty retreiving my board in deep water.
290lbs, thats a game changer. Think about a few more lessons , well worth the money.
Is revere going to have any wind on Wednesday how do i find out?
At my lesson I used a 12 and it was super windy and the instructor told me I could use a bigger 1
I took 1 class and I'm also 290 and 6'3 I just got the core 19m and a 170 board
I love my 17m but it can get overpowerd real fast, and can be a handful. You really need to save it for those seabreeze thermal days.
19m? Beginner? Houston, we have a problem. Don't park that at 12 unless you want to look like Mar Poppins hook up some exp peeps or if down the Cape, trade that 19m in for a nice used 12m. U will be much happier and safer IMHO.
Bruce how new to kiting are you with that 19m?
I'm at the Cape all week and will be kiting.
I don't think I need to much wind I bought a 19m kite
I'm new to kiteboarding does any 1 know the closest place to go from worcester
WD might be closer to 5:30.
Great, thats when I was planing to get there, thanks
Pretty sure parking is free starting at 4:00
Is anyone trying West Dennis tomorrow in the afternoon? How late do you have to be for free parking?
TenaciousD , Send me a PM, I have a board called a terrasurfer thats needs some new tires and a new home
just scored a decent light wind sesh at Nahant, nicely powered on my 17m ..small jumps and some decent waves to play with
Looking for a mountain board skateboard to build land windsurf rig.
Fx is downwgraded for today, gonna head out to WD wed
Hey How are you, i am visiting from Miami and im looking for a room in Boston to rent for about 3 Month, you can text me if any info Please and thank you 305 905 2839
definitely got my eye on a rain parade at Chapin tomorrow. what time?
Anyone heading out tomorrow, got a moxed bag of fx for chapin
Hey all, I had some gear stolen and would appreciate if you could keep an eye out. $200 reward if found:
Anyone looking at Chapin for midday Sunday?
Nice secession on the Cape. Good 9m day
wind forecast sucks...but there are some decent waves on the way...Hopefully some wave riding friday Nahant
I am thinking dawn patrol Revere or Nahant tomorrow,,, 6:30