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Oh yes, it was windy. 6m worked well for me. Small wing but big air.
Nahant was good this morning. There was a lull for about 30 minutes. Waves were clean with a side shore wind.
Windy all day, less rain mid afternoon I think. Nahant afternoon for me.
Any reports from nahant or winthrop? seems like a lot of rain this morning
I will be at nahant for sunrise
anyone going to try natant early tomorrow?
Patrick looping his 9m kite today
Sunrise huckfest at hampton if anyone wants to kite/watch
Dux just spiked at 60. yikes. gusting over 50 this pm. 6 m was a bit much
It was gusting over 45. Dylan and Dani were getting air off the huge waves higher
Fun to see a nice crew out on storm patrol
Yeah, I can feel it now. Still getting in tune with my new kite. Not landing as smooth as usual today.
Incredible day at Nahant. You were killin it Dani !
Waves got just better and better at Nahant, wind plenty too on 8m all day.
Great sesh at nahant
U bastards, get to work!lol
Hampton looking juicy delish - anyone coming up?
At nahant, looking good
when i looked at the meters at 5am it was still pretty light. Now the wind is up and I wish i had go to nahant. Sad
nahant pm more likely for me
Going to Nahant later this morning.
Looks like less rain in the morning, it's windy all day.
I am going to wait for the afternoon with more wind
Thanks @mike and @hambone!
just saw the forecast, maybe dp nahant if I can skip school in the am
Anyone hitting Nantasket early am?
yeah greg message me about the nitro
hoping for a sunrise session at natant. I can kite until about 9am. I will check back in the morning.