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I'm no sure why... gonna have to wait for JD to get back from BM
an instagram photo with a #masskiting tag is not showing up Sad
Skyrocket, Spatsy, Dylan at HN. Light but got a few runs in. Happy.
There was a count of over 60 kites in the air at Hardings. Some pretty good revenue for the town of Chatham on a crappy beach day
Dog delivered. Left at 12:30
Headed to Horseneck!
Horseneck time! Beware of men in speedos trying to grab ur donkey dick!
I am going to hit Long beach Nahant once I can dump the kids on grand ma. Probably around 11:30. I hope there is still some wind.
Dog this morning looks good. Who's up?
Pony Throat. Should be there around 11:30.
Did anybody pick up a kiteboard at Nahant on Tuesday night or early Wed. - left at dark and missed it . . .
Revere looks good tomorrow morning for low tide. Aiming to be there around 9 am. Anyone else?
Dawn patrol ...Nahant/revere if it's 13mph or better
Nahant was sweet ..little up and down ..but still great...
whitecaps everywhea on the lower cape
How's revere lookin?
Be there in 15
Nahant looking good. Pumping 10m. At access#15
Any1 going to revere later?
if anyone out there has any super old unuseable kites that you would feel guilty selling to someone, i will pick em up off u as long as the price is right. i wanna get as many kites from this best deal as possible and ran out of kites to trade.
rev looks sweet
Anyone by nahant today? Are there too many beach goers right now?
matth, i set a 6am alarm.
forgive the typos, ill forgive your syntax.
hey guys. i have started building a used gear page on my website. if u have atuff youd like to get rid of and are looking for a place to post just send me details and some pucs. ill put it up and do my best to ale it move. no charge to you.
Dawn Patrol Dog if wind is up!!
Just left Johnny Hujol and Bennt Be at Nahant. Dani and several others are on Dog side
I'm at Wollaston beach in Quincy (Squantum meter) a tad gusty, but might be doable
I'm going to try dog too, hopefully flat-ness will make up for NW puffiness