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fun day at Nahant. I borrowed a slingshot leash but couldnt find the lender when I got back to the launching spot around 10:50 - 11:15. Sorry I forgot your name! Let me know how I can get it back to you.
Nahant was not epic but still a blast, big kite and board was key to riding the lulls.
Just joined, hoping to go around N. Falmouth this weekend, need to find some spots!
Was able to get a good session in at revere this morning. Was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new people
1st Foil session done and dusted, deff not as easy as it looks thats for sure!
Crossing my fingers that it holds - Heading to Nahant around 1 with the 17 meter fat lady!
Nahant or Revere likely to fill in better by 9:30/10? Keep posting if you're there! Thanks!
Any updates from chapin?
Nahant is so-so
Yeah baby!
Nahant is on
Whos heading to chapin/mayflower tomorrow?
Anyone considering Nantasket tomorrow morning? Anyone know where the launch area is? Thanks!
Stop shouting...we are going to jinx this thing
See y'all at Nahant tomorrow morning!
I always opt for Nahant in a NE (cleaner wind) but Revere should be ok. See you all in the AM, at daybreak! Do we need to stop and pay the 5$ when the clock hits 8AM? Sad
Revere should be just as good for wind , but not waves.
Friday morning is the call, Nahant for me too
Will revere be just as good as nahant? I too would like to kite before work and every 30 min driving counts
I would think after labor day Frank. They took my 20$ at 4pm at WD Monday
Christophe, you present a compelling argument. I will raise these points with my boss and, pending approval, will plan to meet you in Nahant, Friday AM.
Anyone know if there is weekday coverage to charge for parking at Chapin now that school has started?
Nahant at sunrise, 6:11 am for me. Trying to get to work by 11.
Looks like Nahant is the call for Friday if the forecast holds. Chapin is cool, but too far away, too much walking at low tide, and $25 parking too expensive.
The Resses Cup of the North Shore
@maine Nahant and NorEasters are like peanut butter and chocolate
Has anyone kited in Nova Scotia? Taking the ferry up there next weekend, looking for info...
Looking to drive down to the Boston area from Maine for Friday's forecasted winds. Does Nahant work on a NNE? Or would Nantasket or Winthrop be better options? Trying to avoid the long drive to the Cape. Thanks, Mike.