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If you figure out how to donate, I'll plan the party Wink
Saw on Facebook that the town of Chatham is taking on the Fed restrictions. Time to organize a fund raiser to contribute money to the legal defense fund or be left out. They will discuss fishing restrictions and simply leave kiting out of the equation!
dammit...did it again...meant to search
ion fuse
@Matth: I don't trust it either but I can't help feeling hope!
ACK looks good for this weekend.
I don't trust any forecast beyond 24 hours
Lets hope it stays that way!
Weekend is looking good for chapin & mayflower
FE lit on Airush 14 LW till 1pm today thank you.
@ matth. this is nick. I was at WD yesterday with u. plz call me when you have a minute. 617-874-6nine33
Wd was very nice today. 12M for 4 hours non stop. That negates the 4 hours of driving.
boat, beach, bbq and oh yeah that kiting thing. could not ask for more
HN was sweet
Revere not happening
Revere bound. Crossing my fingers
little bit west of ideal at revere, but I'm going to pump. prob 12m
What's the wind direction at Revere?
White capping at Revere
Anyone at Revere now?
Revere is looking doable
first time HN for me today
Is anyone going to Revere today?
Sun Day Fun Day
Any problems w sharks on bayside ie Truro? Will b kiting there tmrw just wanted to see if safe
27 at WD.
seems pretty accurate, Ikitesurf is reading 27 at Buzzards....