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Jealous Tim... Enjoy
Ocean is big and angry here in Salvo, way overhead and windy, probably 20-40 NE most of the day
@Jean glad you posted... wingearsheek can be a fun spot when the wind is right.
Thank you to Dave, Brad, Johnny, Alex, and Jonathan who followed me to Wingaersheek - a delish sesh
Kited in my shorty this afternoon. Smile down in FL for a week.
as always great kiting with you Christophe (and everyone else)
Hampton Inlet, that is Smile
8m all day at the Hampton outlet, with Joe, Jay, PJ, Greg, Bob C, Chris G, Mike L, Tim, John, Rod and a few others
I am headed to wingaersheek.
Tide should be out enough to launch at dog by 4. Im going. I need a sesh.
i might be up for Wingaersheek this afternoon. Tide will be pretty high, but the wind is looking good. If i go i would be there closer to 3:30 or 4
anyone headed to mayflower / chapin?
I am thinking Wingaersheek sunset sesh: 5 to 7:30. Any takers?
Mayflower on Cape Cod is the easiest launch and land spot around on a NW. Wingaersheek could be good today, but the high tide is a problem.
Thanks for the info on northshore NW spots! Might have to have him wait another week.
Heading to Dog. Hoping the parking doesn't still suck
also no public launch on plum...all private property
Wing is not a great place to teach, would be bumpy and gusty, high tide too.
In town for the day. Best place is where? Cape or nahant? Thanks!
there is no beginner launch or teaching spot on plum island. honestly I dont know any good places in a northwest to teach or launch besides the cape. wingarsheak maybe the best shot
Hi Jacq, I am planning to go to Nahant today. If you want I can give you ride. I am in watertown and I can pass from Cambridge. the problem is I have small place in the car because my wife is also coming with my daughter. what time were u thinking to go?
awesome! Where is the launch? I can only find info on plovers Smile
plum is supposed to be good this afternoon!
trying to get a new person out today. Any advice for NW breeze? plum Island or wingaerseek?
again: love to join for nahant but have no car right now - is there anyone maybe willing to give me a ride from cambridge? thanks
Would love to join for Nahant. Unfortunately don
@ Mike, Nahant, LT: 8:58am & 9:13pm, HT: 3:10pm
Does any one need a ride to OBX May 17-24 (Toyota FJ) lots of room
When is low tide tomorrow?
I am in for doggie style tomorrow.