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Sucks to work and hear the wind hauling Sad
just seein since Im workin in North Hampton today sprayin lawns
Tim and PJ rode and gave up said the wind was crap. TOOO gusty
Inlet Todd, not beach
was just lookin at the beach cam to see if i could see anyone out there
Should be a honking day at the Stinklet (hampton harbor). Be there or be square... ETA 1500hr
its so windy the bird bath is capped
O'Neil Superfreak 5/3 split toe I use in winter.
anyone have opinion on thin flexible bootie, easy to slip in straps?
But a terrible day to have a job:(
What a great day to be a Kiter
Anyone going to Dog or Nahant early tomorrow morning?
Mayflower !
See you fools at mayflower bright and early tomorrow.
FE. The whole marsh was ridable. So sweet!
The marsh at E was completely flooded tonight. The whole mars
and don't forget the buttah flat water at the gauntlet on a NW
High tide at Chapin 7:30am Mayflower is a better launch
Just finished an insane 7m session at Dylan's aka Nahant 30-40. Wild
how about Chapin? How many ppl are going there tomorrow?
If nw, best spots are wingaersheek and mayflower, off season only
Thurs - My speed boards first outing at Chapin
im hitting either scusset or sandwich 12pm noon, low tide. hit me here or on Fb Jesse Freeman or text 508 858 1501
whos going where thurs looks good?
For Thursday - Windy with lots of sunshine. High 58F. Winds NW at 20 to 30 mph : ) My 6M can see the sun!
Race boards are a learning curve : ) You do not ride them like your TT or surfboard.
Race boards aren't as easy as they look, they buck you off
Revere gamble paid off. Perfect power on a 12m.