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Where are you headed tomorrow ?@wolf
Get to bed early tonight wolf, we got some business
Today ruined my hot streak of 8 days in a row. Looking forward to getting back on the water tomorrow with the whole crowd!
@gbrooks lifeguards on duty on weekends at pbay so no kiting until 6 or the lifeguards leave for the day.
@crabnebula will be in ME tomorrow and thinking late afternoon sesh at Pine Point... will anyone else be there?
What are the Pbay regulations on the weekends during this time (pre-season)?
Call (508) 398-2273 to book a room at the Riviera for the Cape Crusade. Don't use the 800 number
We may be able to get you on a team but regardless it will be a really great time!
Even if you ARE NOT registered for the Cape Crusade please come on down tomorrow!
I am thinking of grabbing room tomorrow night if Sunday morning forcast holds.
@Benny, will drive in very early tomorrow. See you there bud!
Whos gnna be in Yarmouth tonight? I'm heading down this evening to get an early start tomorrow.
Anyone dressing as the "Caped Crusader" tomorrow?
Am also now free on Saturday and could be an extra if any team's are short riders...Thanks, -Whit
Anyone short a team member for Saturday's Cape Crusade? Looking to hook up - late to the game. Lemme know if anyone is short a rider.
Heads up on the North Shore and Boston...T-STORM line heading towards you looks about an hour away
nice little solo sesh this morning. what a week!!!!!!
Cape Crusade is on for Saturday 5/30. Over $30K raised to date and counting. Thanks to all participants and contributors!
Heading to Dog around 10:30
It was great fun at Revere, yes gusty but windy and sideshore to side on. 10m then 8m lit.
4 days in a row. sure,,I'll go tomorrow
Revere is a bit gusty, 7 or 8 kites up, 7-9m
Any report from Revere? FX looks wicked gusty.
@debovis, I was wondering the same for a while and went to Revere on Monday with a 3/2 mm and was very comfortable.
heading to pbay around 4. no lifeguards on duty
what wetsuit thickness are you guys wearing to revere?
at Revere. great wind.
Anyone at Pbay?
At dog. One guy, medium build, just left. Said it was great on his 12
Ok, thanks will head to dog now then. see U there