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I agree, it seems like the only logical possibility
There is a thread on KITEFORUM.COM about this sad story. I personally think the child was not well supervised , got into trouble and the kiter tried his best to save him
DryLock is a good call, no complaints here!
If anyone is looking, get the one with glued seams. don't skimp on winter gear.
I surf, SUP and kite in the Drylock in the single digits over the past 3 years. The thing cant be beat.
Awesome thanks... hadn't put mine to that kind of test yet glad to hear it does the job.
Yep. Drylock. Warm as toast
@kitermike - were you out in your 5:4 drylock and comfortable?
Water was perfect Patrick. Great at mid to low tide and back
@Jermy, yes good old 8m switchblade. I hope we some days like that this spring. @Mike did you have to break ice to get to the water?
9m day at Nahant with Alex and Shane who were on 7 and 8m kites Hands down best session of the year so far!
That was Patrick, right?
Nahant around midday today. Anyone know how accessible dog is these days?
it was me...
Anyone remember who this was at PBay?
JumpJoe- Thanks for the invite but I want to do Monadnock to see how that goes. Have a great hike!
S L U S H!!!!
Lakes up north have a load of such under the perrrrfect snow due to weight of slow and of coarse sunny sun tread carefully
Jean Dunoyer
Scooper if you want to join us and just stop at the Greenleaf hut and not summit you are more than welcome
JumpJoe- I'm gonna hike on Sat too but I don't have enough Winter experience for Mt Laf. I'm gonna do Mt Monadnock.
Good owning the hilll with you today Dylan!
Bring your kites to Lafayette the ridge is kitable
Gonna hike Mt Lafayette Saturday if anyone from Mk wants to join the group
I miss you too Johnny.. kiting in your backyard.. text for a session.