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Pumping at Dog
Anyone going to Dog Beach or Revere? Blowing 10-15 right now
@jean yes we did, we paid our dough though to get down there and come back to Boston
we got spoiled at Monomoy yesterday
I have an extra in Reading if you need
Looking for an air pump asap. Anybody?! I can pick up today where ever. Thanks!
I will be heading to Buzzard bay in an hour. I can take a fellow kiter with me. just text me 781 670 6408
Wind is BACK!!!
Someone leave a mystic harness at pbay?its sitting on the park bench wrapped around an orange traffic cone
Pbay outside was pretty rad yesterday
Hey Jesse, Thanks for the tips you gave me at Waquoit!
This is what I do on those non wind days....
@paulmurray I have some around, brand new. Sending you a pm. Check your messages.
Got to PB at 7:30 when it was dead but it picked up good after that!
Found a Cabrinah pump left at Little Harbor
Kites up at both dog and nahant
Does anyone have a leash for sale? Looking to buy asap. Thanks!
Anyone at Revere Beach, Nahant or Pbay?
Heading to dog in 30 min. Will go back to Nahant if nobody is at dog
Most likely the lost Woo is mine , just messaged you bud
Gonna try Marblehead with Rob: Dropped Pin near 115-199 Ocean Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945
@daspi you headed to revere or nahant?
About 11-14 now, and semi side on atm
Avg 6kts at revere at the moment...
windalert forecast just went apeshit
@daspi, did you mix up SSW and SW? I am going to be at pbay around 3 outside the lagoon. would be nice to not have to self launch Smile