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Thinking of West Dennis or Chapin in a bit, depending on the wind direction
That guy taking photos is lazy. I'm all about post processing lol J/k I only had like 50 photos from a gopro
any good pics in there?
Email him if you want access to the shutterfly link
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For those that were at Pbay on Friday. This guy was taking pics:Hi Greg I sent you a link to the photos on Shutterlfy. At 10 frames per second I took about 600 photos. There is no post processing done to any of them so someone would have to do that at t
We launched from Southeast Harbor. The SW wind is onshore. Parking is for residents only, but we didn't get a ticket. Either lucky or they check during off season.
I would think west would work fine, maybe a bit gusty because of short fetch
would niles beach be any good in a west or just SW?
i will be representing Masskiting at the Big Horn Snow Kite Summit Week of December 7th
Good Harbor is good in a South or Southeast
nanhant was very nice yesterday
Or Light House Cove
You could launch from Niles(light house cove) and ride upwind to jetty)
Where do u launch from for Gloucester harbor? I am stationed at the CG base in Gloucester always looking for spots around here plenty of untouched waters. We could launch out at eastern point light and kite behind the breakwall in a SW like the pbay.
Was choppy and light and uninspiring. Kited Gloucester harbor instead. Very scenic, nice place to foil.
Nahant was great
How was Pebble?
Any update from nahant? Looking to check it out around 1
Heading to pebble beach.
I am hoping for Nahant around 2? got to get out of work 1st.
Never kited at at pebble, I know there is little to no beach at high tide.
Hard to tell if now better or maybe start at noon
Chriz, when? I could now Nahant? Txt 6172813383
Vanagonjon - Dux - you need a permit to park on E side of bridge. Only annual permits issued. Habormaster enforces yr round.
Nice vid zeb
I'm in for a local sesh Daspi, might foil
What about pebble beach? That should be fine in SW right? Or is it just not worth the drive?
Waiting for the wind to kick up then hitting Nahant or Dog