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never experienced revere soooo gusty and lully
Nahant was good but not great. If you had big gear and could ride the lulls it was fun, nice small waves to play with , NO ALGEA !!!!
@windmom, I was just at Revere on an 11M until the wind died down a little. We could still see kites flying over at Nahant.
any word from Nahant?
still hopeing mid afternoon push
At pbay now... 7kts, but it's building
I'm in Nahant now and I agree with chlemaire, not looking good (:
Fx looking shittier by the minute Sad
WD bound with faith
hope it pix up
depending on exact direction, sometimes its a toss.
Whats best option today revere/nahant or WD?
Getting mixed fx for
Both are good with South wind. Nahant can have nice waves to play with and nice smooth valleys in between
Nahant or Revere?
Nahant in the afternoon if forecast holds....
A fall weekend forecast MADE for kiting, woo hoo!!!!!!!
WD tomorrow with mac, although I am getting conflicting FX
who forgot best spark kiteboard at mayflower? I left at with Inland Sea aka Kitesite.
about tomorow ? where to go
Dux was quite good from this morning.
Nahant was not great, but still got some ride time. Better than working!!
Nahant was not that good. Barely rideable with a 12m.
Perfect morning session at Mayflower
crap i didnt drive up because dread ledge has been at 10 all morning.
Nahant looking good. Pumping.
or mayflower
chapin, 7am