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sorry just seeing this now. great riding with you
Jean is there now....ripin it up
there is a little bit something on the radar, wonder if that kicks at the meters.
10 gust to 16 is what I see. Hope it comes up more steady.
23 at Winthrop right now
Joe...I'm headed up now. Where you riding?
good thing the light wind kept me onshore at Hardings this weekend
bcranston - you heading up this way?
GoPro 4 is here -
Favorable fx trend for NH this evening. Smile
Tuesday morning looking good.
Faraz bought a quiver of cores, that must be it
I am gasping for air
Jean, did somebody buy new gear? Can someone burn an old kite or something!
Wind had shut off for the foreseeable future
Need 3 strut bladders 08 Griffin 14m. Any help?
is there any wind anywhere today or tomorrow ina beginner friendly spot? want to get out so bad!
make that 2 to 3 according to Magic seaweed...still lots of fun
or hitting Nahant with the Sup surfer...3 to 5 feet sat
good weekend for fixing the slow leak on my 12
went to work instead of chapin
Forecast doesn't even look like it's worth the trip.
How is the launch at Nantasket if we get there about high tide?
If it is windy tomorrow I am game for a couple of h in the morning
I have till noon tomorrow. I could do Winthrop or nahant.
would the traffic be pretty bad getting back to boston vs going to winthrop?