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6 kites at PBay. Another great day
Nice midday sesh with Dani and Dylan, aka The Explorers.
arrrgh I'm stuck at work, and looks like teh wind will die when I get out Sad
Hehe I knew that I was just saying mt washingornnwas spectacular today
Take the day off Monday, looking good!
Wind chill of 25 below on Wash.....ill wait...
Clarification, Wa-Wa Wachusett Mt. See Zeb for the real deal.
surface sucked at Sunapee
Snow coverage is strong on the hill. Weather is set up for A+ spring conditions At Mt Wa Sunday.
Wow! What a day at Nelson!
whose hitting wachusett tomorrow?
Hampton 11am
wingaer at 11:00
surface conditions going to be good enough?
Nice thought. but I think I'll snow kite
12:30 / 1, when the tide is dead low and starting to come back in?
is anyone else considering wingaersheek beach tomorrow?
it's been super low tide recently, and I've seen an old dude out with a metal detector every low tide waaaay out. i bet he found it. he does not like Billie, cause Billie thinks he's weird for being so far out at low tide Wink
Very cool dan!
Fingers crossed! Maybe I'll see you there.
Sweet! Congrats on the sesh! Fingers crossed for another one tomorrow.
No ice. Great 1st and unexpected session of the year there this evening.
Has pbay ice cleared? Small chance for a rainy afternoon delight tomorrow.