Dear MASSkiting friends.

We wanted to update you on what has been going on behind the scenes:

The current version of or website is built on a platform that is now out of date and no longer supported. A recent server update has rendered most of our site unviewable. We have had some friends look at it, and are still weighing the options. If we cannot just fix what we have, we will have to migrate our site and at the same time upgrade to a newer platform. This will not be cheap. We thank everyone for your ongoing support and we will let you know if there is a way you can help in the very near future. More soon, with LOVE - Mk admin

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Is anyone offering lessons at Revere or Nahant today at 4?
3/2 will work at Nahant
How's the water temp at nahant? 3/2?
Thanks for that update on Nahant!
Just left Nahant. People were pumping up 9m kites.
Anyone doing Nahant today? Was thinking of getting there about 10:30
Cranking at winger pumping my 9
How was Nahant this AM?
Wingersheek at 9
Not sure if I want to make the drive down to waquoit or stay on the north Shore and give revere a go
What about Winthrop at sunrise?
I'm heading to Chapin. Will leave around 9AM Boston. Anyone else heading there tomorrow?
Anybody kiting Gloucester area in the AM
Chapin was siiick
Ian, I'll be there at 6. See you there.
Pre-work sunrise session at Nahant tomorrow morning!
Any word from Revere or Nahant?
Gloucester is still too light
Meters around boston not looking great, but maybe Nahant would work
Anyone kiting in Boston?
Sagamore is blowing strong 18 mph and pretty empty beach. Blowing up kite n heading out
What's the best spot for a northerly in Boston?
@scooper, any wind report from Wingaersheek?
Chapin bound
Im gonna head to chapin soon
8m wind in seabrook - woo hoo!
I'm heading to Winger now. Low tide, (11ish), is great there! Wind direction NW to NNW- perfect.
Heading to Chapin soon
Anyone have the Intel on wingaersheek today? Too much W? Very interested in checking it out