Johnny D

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John DeSalvo
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About Johnny D

I am totally stoked to have found a sport that I am passionate about.

Kiteboarding Skill Level: 
Advanced -unhooked
How and where did you Learn?: 
I think that if I had more instruction from the beginning I would have saved allot of time. But in the end it was good mentors that have helped influence my riding. Johnny Hujol, T, Netto and many other riders welcomed and encouraged me to go for it! Which is the very reason MASSkiting has come to be, to return that experience of mentoring and sharing the beach.
Favorite Spots: 
The Encounter!
Favorite Session & Trips: 
How much gear have you trashed?: 
I have trashed lots of gear and even other peoples too.
Other Interests & Hobbies: 

I like to do anything that gives adventure

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Awesome video!

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As the saying goes. Put your

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I have a room left will send

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5/4 year round is fine.

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Love you guys JF and Helene!

03/27/2015 - 14:05

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I am 100% in and like to help

03/26/2015 - 08:51

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Heal up Eugene! Hopefully you

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Welcome Pascual! Pleasure to

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Johnny - I am planning to

Johnny - I am planning to road trip to hatteras in May with my buddy Jeff who is also on masskiting under "wojo." I heard Masskiting has a big week planned May 16-24 in hatteras and that there may be some space available in one of the houses. If so, I would be very interested in seeing if we could sync up with the crew if there's room available. You can call or text me as well (713)-560-8141.
Thanks man, and looking forward to meeting you.

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Thank you so much Johnny!!! I

Thank you so much Johnny!!! I really appreciate it and its great to know there are good people out there.

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15 HP Motor Needed

Hi Johnny D.

David Zingg from Browns Yacht Yard in Gloucester here. We have a "leftover" brand new YAMAHA 15 HP Fourstroke 15" shaft rope start motor with fuel line, tank, freight and prep available to a MKer for $ 2750.00 plus tax. Retail is $ 3540 plus a tank.

Do you know what shaft lenght you need? I only have the one in stock. let me know if you are interested. Its in a box so it needs to be preped which could happen next week.


David Zingg
Sales Manager
Browns Yacht Yard
Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-3200

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160 door

Is that 160 door used?

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Hi Give me a call sometime do

Give me a call sometime do I can chat to you w/ mt Washington kite festival in mind...


Until January, tug hill , and then match 2-3,4 2013 we should get out riding!!


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any harnesses left over?

hey there. do you still have any harnesses left. I am looking for a large (36 inch waist). Anything in that size? Any way to try before I buy?



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We will be driving by around

We will be driving by around 5-5:30 but Are flexible and if you have family comments another time will work fine.


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hyperflex shorty

Johnny, how much for the hyperflex shorty (L)?


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Sunapee on Sunday

message sent

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MV Trip

Johhny D,

Sorry I havent written or called you back about the MV Trip. Working 7 Days and still way behind the 8 Ball.
I have wated to kite there for a long time.
I cannot promise anything, but I will be talking to Luke (cabby) today.
I would like to come out for a day (2 would be a miracle!)
What are the Dates etc....

Hope all is well.


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Floor space at Tug?

Johnny D,
Is it your birthday? If so Happy Birthday bro. Know of any floor space at Tug?


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found new friends

I first would like to thank Johnny D for his kindness and support to get into the sport,i'm happy that i have found this comunity ,and i plan to be around for while i'm looking foward to meet new people that enjoy the sport that i'm going to persuit,after sign up fill minutes later i go some reply that was great to find out that i have found people willing to help....thank you all...and specially thank you Johnny D for putting this great comunity together..........