We are a community of kiters in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. These waters have some of the best kite spots in the world, from the waves at Nahant, to the flatwater lagoon of Pleasure Bay, to the open expanse of some of the most beautiful scenery of Monomy. 

Masskiting version 5.0

Welcome everyone to an amazing community of local kiteboarders.  The website was born over 15 years ago with the intention that we would create a welcoming and friendly community of likeminded wind enthusiasts.  For years we thrived around the website’s forum, creating vibrant and informative discussions about the sport that we all love so much.  We hit some technical difficulties on our site a few years ago, during that time our conversations moved to GroupMe.  As this site was relaunched, the community continued to use and prefer using GroupMe to communicate, and still does to this day.  We have recently (summer 2022) shut down the ability to log into the website due to the amount of spammers and bots.  If you would like to join the conversation and get plugged into our community, feel free to reach out here and we can add you.

This site still plays an important role to people beginning to kiteboard.  If you are new to the area or kiteboarding, please check out our beaches section and get acquainted with the local rules and regulations.  We feel that knowledge is power, most people want to follow the rules. Keeping the beaches and launch information available to all will help us maintain our access to our beloved area beaches.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you get to the beach; everyone is friendly.  And we look forward to sharing a sesh with you on the water 🙂