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  • Is it allowed to KiteSurf on the Bay side of Hull? Winds are mostly onshore, flat water and nitbtht much navigation towards the south end if the Hull Bay. Looks ideal but it is not listed here as a popular spot. Thanks!

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    Being close to the seaside is relaxing and peaceful. Researchers stated that the resonance of sea waves changes mind pattern, which calms you into an extremely relaxed condition and refreshes your body and mind. That’s why I am planning to go to seaside after completing my College Assignments Writing exams.

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  • summer kite blowout sale, make offers in "for sale" section

  • Anyone thinking/ would join a short early session tomorrow morning at Dog Beach (or even pleasure bay?) I could drive from Boston

  • Looking for a light wind used twin tip board with straps. 150cm or more!

  • Slingshot 138 cm Ignition kiteboard
    New includes straps, pads, and fins $250 White top yellow bottom. Richard 603-630-9558