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  • IKO CERTIFICATION COURSE on SPI, October 12-21 2018

    Raise Yourself to the Highest State of the Art.

    A few spots OPEN for the PROKITE Instructor Certification Course (IKO Accredited, hosted by PROKITE SOUTH PADRE)

    Oct 12 - 21 2018
    South Padre Island, TX

    Take your Kiting to the highest level: the most advanced kite handling and riding skills, situation awareness considerations, the best concepts, strategies, and techniques for successfully sharing kiting with others. IKO courses are for YOU whether you want to teach kiting for work and travel, for fun, or simply to better your own understanding and abilities.

    Kiteboarding has evolved dramatically over the years, we now know so much more about what are good vs bad ideas and concepts in kiting. Learn multiple strategies for various kiting scenarios and different students, as well as expert accident and negative experience avoidance. Kiting can seem stressful and complex with a lot of potential for things to go wrong, but NOT if you know what you are doing; NOT if YOU know what WE know.

    There is still a lot of sketchy stuff going on around the kite beach, and all it takes is one bad decision to ruin the day, or worse. With a lesson client or just in passing with a stranger at the beach, be a part of the solution. Know that you can offer good advise and have the skills and confidence to help someone have a good experience and avoid a bad one.

    South Padre Island is an awesome kite trip destination, and the IKO course is both Fun and Informative. Participants will Ride, Train, and Learn together each day, and we will enjoy the Island as well.

    Conditions in Oct are ideal with hot sunny days, warm water, and the potential for not only great flatwater riding but also good surf and kitesurfing.

    Call now for more info or to reserve your spot, we can help with all aspects of trip planning.

    541 490 6872
    956 559 4473

    Brett Newcomb
    IKO Certified Instructor

    IKO Certified Kiteboarding Center
    IKO Certified Instructor Training Center

  • 2014 Maui Cloud C2 17M for Sale: $400. Recently replaced bladder, kite is in great shape with no tears or leaks. This kite allowed me to get many more sessions each season in light winds. A big strutless kite that flies like a medium sized kite with struts. I'm selling it because I got a newer 17m kite. For more info check out the following links:

    If you're interested or have questions text or call me at 978-886-2578 - Greg

  • 2014 Rally but bought in 2015. Still pretty crisp, I mostly kite on my 8m and 6m.
    Small professional repair, see pic. No bar. $375 best offer.

  • Airush Ultra 2017 For sale - 8m ($649), 6m ($599) - Both Reefer Blue. Light use for one season, mostly foiling and a few strapless/snow sessions. Great kites! I just upgraded to the 2019 Ultra II because I loved them so much.

  • Does anyone still do KITE REPAIRS around here? Any other recommendations - local or not? Thanks!

  • Anyone kiting Chapin Sunday?

  • Flexifoil blade 4.9 mint condition with handles for sale, like new, flown a few times. 500$ 8607983669 Bryan

  • Can we still Kite at Hardings, and First Encounter? Last time I kited Hardings there were seals in the water and I have not gon back since. I will be in Chatham during Labor Day weekend and I am looking for some places to kite that are close.