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  • Ocean Rodeo Duke 5'4" comes with 3 fins 1 foot hook and a board bag . Mint condition $400 . (603) 536-1829 North Conway , N H

  • Slingshot Tyrant 5'11" well used with some professional repairs , but always been water tight . $125 North Conway , N H (603) 536-1829

  • Ocean Rodeo Mako 150 with one professional repair $300 North Conway,N.H. (603) 536-1829 .

  • A reminder that Buzzards Bay Regatta registration is Open! Please register early as volume begets volume!
    We have access to Round Hill beach again and are looking forward to a great event! There will be Bands on Friday and Saturday night at NBYC after racing for your pleasure and the sailing event will be significantly larger this year with more classes of boats than last year. Should be quite a crowd. The New Bedford Yacht Club is thrilled to be hosting the Kite classes again and the flag officers and staff have repeatedly told me what a great gang of people “The Kiters” are and how excited they are to have you all.

    Cabrinha will be showcasing the AV8 one design and have a number of kits available for charter. More on that later. You can register and now and charter a one design setup later.

    Intent is to have 3 foiling classes – open class with foil kites / Foil Boards and Inflatable Kites / and One Design AV8 Cabrinha kits

    Registration is on Regatta Network this year – similar to last but a slight change.

    Tell your pals! Let’s make this the biggest BBR to date! See you all in August!

  • I left the US in 2016, now back on vacation. Where’s everyone gone on here?

  • Greetings, new to the sport. I weigh around 147 lbs whats a good kite size for new england conditions

  • Ocean Rodeo Flite 14 m w/ bar and lines. $500. Text Bryan 503-975-1970

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