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    Aerodynamics drive what happens, just as much as (regular)dynamics do. In order to move out in front of the kite, you need to slow the kite down relative to the ground by sending it hard back across the wind window. Problem is, unless you redirect the kite mid jump the kite eventually looses all its apparent speed, and without apparent speed looses most of its lift. Slowing the kite while its heavily loaded causes it to stall and for you to hit the water. If you've ever sent the kite too far in a jump you know the feeling of dropping like a tea bag.

    You don't really get the chance to harvest that kinetic energy like you describe because slowing your body requires slowing the kite limiting its ability to fly. Ultimately the kite wont support you unless it keeps moving.

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  • I’m heading to West Dennis Beach today. Hope to see you all there!

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    12m and bar are sold. $400 for the 9 meter if on its own. Can throw in an Ozone bar if someone wants bar and lines for an additional $150

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  • Kite 4 sale :
    Cabrinha SwitchBlade 2012 12M with bar
    North Dice 2015 9m with bar
    Cabrinha Contra 2015 17m
    Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 12M possibly with 2017 trimlite bar.

    Contact me by PM for more info for prices .

  • Selling my REVL arc camera - see for sale section for details.

  • NE Kite School is looking for 1 or 2 instructors for the Summer and fall season. Get in touch with benny to inquire.

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