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  • Greetings PBay regulars, as am I. You may know me by my white thinning hair and my mighty jumps ... over the wake of a crossing boarder ... and only if I am on my game. I have a climate project that will be presented in collaboration with an orchestra this summer at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. I need a medium res photo of a kiter set against the Boston skyline. Could be riding, could be jumping, but vital to demonstrate that the kiter was somewhere in Boston Harbor. Your reward is fame and/or my next born. Best if you respond to Many thanks, David Arnold

  • Hey All my wife and i have been kiting for about 6 years and in RI for about 3 (sadly we still haven't kited here yet). Hoping to meet others this spring. -Kai

  • Excited to be here ^_^
    Hope to meet other kiters in NE and continue growing.

  • OBX April 27th-May 4th...anyone interested?

    heading down during those dates! Yay!! Anyone interested in getting a house? Best deals I've seen were for 4 and 5 bedrooms, which will come to less than $200/room.

    Let me know if interested!


  • Hey Masskiters!
    I will need instructors this season. If you have thought about teaching and wanna discuss shoot me an email. Pay is $50/hr.
    You will get discounts on gear and opportunity for travel if that interests you.

  • I want to trade a full blown hydrofoil set for a 15m or bigger LEI kite that's in good condition. I have a LF with 3 masts (60, 80, 91")and 2 wings (beginner wing and a Jim Stringfellow wing) as well as a Rocketfish board. This will take you through learning stages into progression for a few years. The board is still one of my favorites. Thanks.

  • New Years Day POV, cheers!!!!

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