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  • Selling my REVL arc camera - see for sale section for details.

  • NE Kite School is looking for 1 or 2 instructors for the Summer and fall season. Get in touch with benny to inquire.

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  • D9 posted

    There is a windsurfer in the middle of Charles River. Makes me wonder...

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    Complete. Looks almost new. Price of new one is 550. Please call 617 529 7406 to discuss the price

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  • Anyone know if Pbay lifeguards started yet?

  • Kited at Chapin on Sun. 6-3 wind was east but meter read was ne. Is this meter screwed up? What is sandy neck like when wind is east, side on? Chapin was side to side off on Sun.


    Sign up for the second annual Buzzrds Bay Regatta! We will be racing from Round Hill Beach - a Private Beach close to the NBYC and parking will be ON SITE at the beach!