2nd Beach was our 1st choice

Session #3 of 2020

On a day like this, you could have kited a lot of places. SW and it should have been nuking everywhere. Haley and I decided to join Jean down in Newport at 2nd beach. We left Southie around 11:30, it was blowing at least mid-30’s SW. we questioned our decision, but drove on to do something different – waves. It was weird, both the Point Judith and Buzzards Bay buoy we’re reading around 30mph, but 2nd was stuck around 18. Which is fine, but I only brought a 9m. We got there and the 10m kites were diving all over the place. But the sun was out and the waves were 3-5ft.
So it quickly got better. Waves were mooshy but they had some vert and I was able to ride them and cutback and slash and repeat. It took me 3/4 of my session to find the right tack where I could just maximize my fun with the surfboard… jumping every wave on the way out and then riding waves in. I nailed a bunch of airs launching off a wave sideways and land on its face farther down; every one I nailed I felt like THE MAN and it just freakin felt good to go so smoothly from the air to back on the water.
So in the end I had a really fun day, even though we missed out on a crazy epic Pleasure Bay day where Leo jumped 83ft. Seriously dude, that’s awesome. On flat water. Sweeet.

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