Dog Beach, Nahant

Beach info:
Dog beach is located on the West side of Nahant, just beyond where you turn for Long Beach. There is no parking for the beach, so you may have to park at Long Beach and walk over. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS OR DROP YOUR GEAR OFF. It is very shallow at low tide, some of the local schools use the area to teach.  High tide there is almost no beach to launch at so it makes it DANGEROUS to kite there. There are a lot of dangerous debris (pipes, lobster traps, metal) littered about on the beach as well as in the water so use caution. It is rideable on a West wind (one of the only places around Boston), but the wind will always be gusty because it is coming over the land.
Launch information:
The beach is small, and high tide can cause the beach to disappear and make setting up hard and launching dangerous. Please do not come here to set up at high tide. Due to the gusts, you run risk of lofting into the road, which has happened before. Too many things can go wrong. Another warning on Dog Beach… locals take their dogs there to do their business. So be careful of the dog crap, as well as for the local dogs and their owners.
There are no official rules here, but please use common sense. This is one of those beaches where you have to pay attention to your surroundings and the conditions. There are many things down wind like rocks, power lines, houses and a road which you need to constantly be aware of.
The beach if often littered with debris, such as driftwood, spaghetti grass wet or dry, trash and the occasional, semi-sun cooked dog shit pile left by the careless owner of some cute pooch. In any instance it can be an environmentalist\’s nightmare. What it is to many kiters is a very narrow beach with a sharp boulder jetty, broken clam shells littered on the dry sand and lurking in the water. Even in the semi sandy/muddy bottom of Dog beach inches below are many clam beds underneath your feet ready to slice your foot open. There are embedded, rusted lobster pots/traps in the sand a certain places just looming under the surface of the water you can\’t see until it\’s too late.
Park at Long Beach and walk over. Parking anywhere else without a permit will get you a ticket or towed. People have been doing this for years and the police take notice and have repeatedly told kiters to stop doing this. So… DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS OR DROP YOUR GEAR OFF. There, it’s been said.
High tide conditions:
No beach to launch from, please do not come here at high tide.  No kiting 2 hours each side of high tide.
Nearby bars/restaurants:
the Tides Restaurant
Wind Statistics: