Hardings Beach

Cape Cod
Beach info
Hardings Beach is a good place to ride for intermediate and advanced kiters. There are waves and sandbars breaking them by the launch area. Due to the typical direct onshore wind direction and limited beach space, THIS IS NOT A GOOD SPOT FOR BEGINNERS. A long tack to the left and you will get to the flats (across channel) where shallow water and flatter water await. Advanced kiters can ride in Stage Harbor, but must be aware of and abide by the local rules.  Waves can be sloppy but fun.  Low tide provides more beach space. Mid-Tide is best for the flats.
This beach once had kiting banned because rules were ignored.  Please help us by following the rules so we can continue to kite here.
Launch information
Drive into the farthest parking lot ($15-$20/day fee in season). ** Do not pump up in lifeguarded beaches during the main season, even if it is before the lifeguards arrive. Walk down the beach to your left, beyond the wooden post and set up there. The farther you walk the better, but do not set up in front of the plover areas. Make sure you are well clear of beach goers and the lifeguard area. Launch is in shorebreak and onshore or side onshore winds.THIS IS NOT A SPOT FOR BEGINNERS.
*NO NO NO NO KITING or pumping up in lifeguarded/swimming area during the season. *Piping Plovers have designated areas in the dunes from the main beach to the lighthouse. Be aware of, and stay away from these roped off areas in the season (roughly May-August).
Local rules
*DO NOT KITE IN THE LIFEGUARDED SWIMMING AREAS!! this can lead to a $100 fine and them shutting down the beach to kiters. *Do not have kites near marked plover areas. *No kiting is allowed in the boat channels. Just across them. *Stay away from any boats that are under way. They have the right of way. *NO KOOKING (kooking = ANYTHING that would endanger or piss off any boaters, jetskiers, or beach-folk that may have a radio or a cellphone). Use common sense. Stay off the radar. If you have a question, ask a local.-Stage Harbor specifics: In the channel to Stage Harbor, if there is any boat traffic, either wait on the beach on either side until the boats clear, or walk along the beach until you get in or out of the harbor – depending on which way you are headed. Then in the harbor stay when on your tack toward the channel, stop and turn around before you get to it. Lots of boats park in stage harbor slick during the Summer. Please resist the urge to boost next to boats. Keep at least a line-length away from all anchored or moored boats at all times.Monomoy specifics: Please be aware that that North Monomoy and Monomoy are both wild life refuge areas, and bird sanctuaries. Most of the time there are FWS & Audubon people there observing and giving tours. There is a no fly zone on any land there. Do not land your kite above the high water mark around North Monomoy. Walking there with a kite will get a lot of bad attention.
Many people in the water. Stay OUT of the swim zones. On-shore winds and shorebreak. Narrow beach. Not good for beginners. Fishing Weirs 50 yards off shore.
Park in the farthest parking lot. $20/day.
High tide conditions
No launch area, and choppy.
Low tide conditions
Low tide provides more beach space. Mid-Tide is best for the flats.
Nearby bars/restaurants
Chatham Squire Restaurant, 487 Main St. Red Nun Restaurant & Bar, 746 Main St.
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