Ninigret Pond, Rhode Island

Beach info
The launch area is a very thin stretch of sandy beach, but the water is very shallow. Waist deep for at least 100 yards out and doesn\’t go over chest deep for probably 300 yards or more. Can get crowded if you get there late on a good day. Water launching is the standard here cause there is no room to launch on land and if you drop the kite on the land side it will be shredded in a second. The way to¬†launch is inflate the kite on the beach and launch from the water. This pond is pretty shallow throughout and is protected from the ocean by a stretch of beach about 3 miles which makes it nice and calm.
Launch information
From the parking lot walk toward the pond down the path and on to the beach. To your right and left are the launch areas. Inflate the kite on the beach and launch it from the water as it is away from the beach plum, bushes and people.
Local rules
Stay out of the area that have eel grass and stay off the dunes just to help preserve the land. Stay away from marked plover areas.
There is a small mooring field on the west side of the pond, roughly 300-400 yards to the west of the launch area. Other hazards include people in the water and windsurfers. If on the ocean side stay clear of the beachgoers during the prime beach season. There is plenty of open beach, just might have to walk a little
You will need to pay $12 non resident and $6 resident from May 1st through September 30th, otherwise its free after 4pm during the summer season. The lot can fill up quick in the summer time, but off season it is generally empty.
Nearby bars/restaurants
Mews Tavern – Wakefield RI, a favorite of mine. (Lived down there for about 6 years) The Mews is a convenient bar on the way back to Boston. About 20mins from ninigret. Lots of beer and awesome food! really relaxed atmosphere. Casey\’s Bar and Grill – Wakefield RI – Right up the road from The Mews. Good place to grab a brew (one of the local hangouts for URI University of Rhode Island)
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