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ION Fuse drysuit, size L, $180


Hi Masskiting,

Due to moving to warmer places, it's time to part ways with my beloved ION drysuit. It served me well for ~3 years, and has plenty of life left in it, as the suit has always been taken extremely good care of..

The sizing is here: I am 6ft2 (I'm typically MT), it worked great for me. Convenient pee-zip, removable hood, soft neck/chin protection, convenient pockets. The extra insulation of neoprene makes the the suit nice and toasty even in freezing temps, and comfy to use from early November to mid spring. It brought me smiles during Boston's winters.

Always rinsed immediately after each session, hang dried, and stored flat with all zippers open, in a cool and dark place.

Last year the seams that needed replacement were replaced by United Divers. The suit hasn't been used since. United divers' receipt is still on the suit.

I have never experienced leaks. So much that I’ll take it back if after your first session with it you think it leaks.

Hope the suit will bring winter happiness to a masskiter!

Priced to go, $180.