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Thank you Masskiting



A special thanks to all of the members of The masskiting community.


Many of you know my story but there are quite a few who have never heard of me.


December of 2016 while vacationing in Mexico I broke my neck in the C3 C4 level and due to me being paralyzed in the Water I then drown and was dead for 30 minutes.


After being brought back to life I was completely paralyzed, suffering from pneumonia and in really bad shape but after surgery I was able to be medflighted back to Boston.


My very first memory after waking up from the coma was looking up and being surrounded by not only my family but masskiting friends who never left my side.


I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am and just how much this really meant to me. It literally was the difference between me having a positive recovery or me suffering and never being able to recover.


Your smiles and encouragement gave me the strength to look deep within allowing me to get off life support and to start getting some degree of movement back in my body.


Your generosity by means of a GoFundMe campaign and the most amazing fundraiser last fall that included a down winder on the cape will never be forgotten.


When I started kiteboarding and snowkiting it felt great to be part of the masskiting community, going on trips and meeting people from all walks of life I thought I was getting the most out of it. But never did I imagine that as a non kiter I would be on the receiving end of so much love, support and joy it leaves me speechless at times.


Thank you for everything and I hope to one day repay the favor. After 562 days in the hospital I am finally home  and it's now time to write the next chapter in my life and I know it will include many of you.


Joe Sharron

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JR Admin

It's funny I remember seeing this post pop up on my radar but I didn't have time to read it. But I just saw it now. Joe, I'm not sure if you will ever read this but what you are going through and what you are doing is so inspiring for people like me in the community. It gives a lot of perspective, and makes me feel blessed that I've accumulated so many "family" members from Masskiting over the years. My kids can't keep all of their kiteboarding uncles straight, and that's an awesome thing. I'm grateful to you are still here Joe and please keep fighting as it's an incredible inspiration. I can't wait for the day we can kite together again. It will happen bud!

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