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WeatherFlow to install new weather station at Horseneck Beach


Hi everyone,

Tim here with WeatherFlow and iKitesurf. Some of you may know about us and some reading this may even be iKitesurf members.

Would there be interest in a wind meter around Horseneck Beach? "The Knubble" could be a potential location but what do you local (& visiting) kiters think?

I know this is a MA kiting forum but a new station for Second Beach or near Sakonnet in RI has also been on our radar. Some food for thought.

Our goal is to find desired locations for new weather stations in order to improve service for new and existing members. Any input is appreciated. We want to hear from you!

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Another yes for Horseneck! Also the state beach has buildings that would make for easier and pretty unobstructed mounting locations that have power. The state beach is actually less obstructed. The knuble has a large rock/buildings and land to the west.

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  • Dylan

    Oh and Horseneck state beach is right where a lot of us kite, so it doesn't get more local than that.

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  • Jean Dunoyer

    Horseneck is my local spot. I love the waves there, but the wind has a mind of its own. Having a meter there would make all the difference in the world!

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  • scooper

    A meter at Horseneck would be super helpful! It often hss different conditions than other Cape spots and even different from other Buzzards Bay spots like West island or Buzzards Bay buoy. So currently it's very hard to judge the conditions without a long drive for me. One of my favorite spots.

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  • timwxflow

    Hi all, appreciate the comments and feedback so far. Glad to hear there is some interest for a meter at Horseneck. We've been thinking about this spot for a while and we're ready to make something happen.

    A little more about our weather stations: they are self contained and solar powered, reporting via cellular communication

    As Dylan noted, the Knubble has a large rock just to the west of a navigation light but we would mount the anemometer to a mast on the aid, well above any obstructions. However, W exposure is still limited compared to Horseneck Beach itself. A benefit of choosing the Knubble would be an easy install and possibly a much quicker procedure obtaining permission from the CG.

    Horseneck itself has several buildings but they are set back quite a ways from the beach and where kiters/windsurfers are on the water. However, we would get a better westerly wind fetch here. Dealing with town/state organizations can be a little trickier but still doable.

    We've also scouted Gooseberry Island but derelict structures here are unsafe to mount on and we will most likely cross this location off the list.

    What about Bakers Beach Club or the Westport Fishermen's Association?

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  • Jeremy Reger

    Yes for Horseneck! Will you put a Pt Judith meter back up soon??

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  • Jeremy Reger

    I think Westport Fishermen's Association would be better as it will have cleaner West-ish readings and people often kite there with those conditions.

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  • matthewbutnaru

    The meter at Chapin Beach in Dennis MA doesn't read well. Would be awesome if you guys could fix it or move to a better location.

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