Good Harbor

North Shore

Beach Info
Good Harbor is a beautiful beach with white sand, popular year round for visitors, which means it can get crowded.  Even on windy days there can be too many people on the beach to safely launch and land. It is a popular swimming and surfing beach, and all bathers need to be avoided, as kiters do not have the right of way. Lifeguards are there in the summer, and as with all other beaches, never kite while lifeguards are present. Even when the lifeguards leave for the day, the beach can remain very crowded.  The wind tends to be onshore; which makes it not suitable for beginners. Gloucester can get pretty strict on the public beaches and Good Harbor has a high potential to get banned. There are already serious dog walking and plover restrictions at this beach. We ask you to read over these restrictions carefully and please do not do anything that would put local kiteboarding access at risk. Help us self police this spot, and if you see any kiters being reckless or not following these guidelines, say something.  

Launch Information
Small beach not suitable for big crowds.
Wind direction only good in SE to South.  Any west in it at all and its shadowed by Bass Rocks and offshore. In East winds it is shadowed by Rust Island to the North. 

Lifeguarded beach.  No kiting and currently no surfing (including boogie boards) while they are present.  Note: local surfers have banded together to try to get more access. There should be no kiting at all even after 5 pm while in season as there are still many swimmers and beach walkers about.

Not beginner friendly.  Mostly onshore with relentless shallow shorebreak, this leads to inexperienced people accidentally crashing their kites into people as they struggle to get out.  If you stand on the shore with your kite in the air, you are probably in the way of someone on the water. 

Small municipal lot, with a daily fee in season ($30 weekdays, $35 weekends).