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WeatherFlow to install new weather station at Horseneck Beach

Hi everyone,

Tim here with WeatherFlow and iKitesurf. Some of you may know about us and some reading this may even be iKitesurf members.

on 22 Mar 2019


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on 23 Nov 2018

IKO Certification on SPI, Oct 12-21 2018

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on 10 Sep 2018

International Kiteboarding Film Festival

International Kiteboarding Film Festival will take place on August 29th at 8 pm at Pleasure Bay, Boston

on 24 Aug 2018

Thank you Masskiting


A special thanks to all of the members of The masskiting community.


Joe Sharron
on 4 Aug 2018

Pendulum and Newton's physics

Yesterday a friend and work asked about how high we typically jump while kiteboarding.  I told him a common jump was  3 to 5 meters but that many f

on 3 Jul 2018