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Duotone lines

Are the Duotone lines as good as they should be?

on 25 Dec 2018

4 crossover kites compared

F-one Bandit V12 
Eleveight RS 2019 
Naish Dash 2019
Duotone Dice 2019 


on 10 Dec 2018

Vantage kites, is the revolution announced?

A new approach in kite design.
Read about it on We Test Kites;

on 6 Nov 2018

Review Duotone Dice 9m

Review Duotone Dice 9m


on 30 Aug 2018

Review Liquid Force WOW (V3) and NV (V8) 9m

Review Liquid Force WOW (V3) and NV (V8) 9m

Including some Ripstop debatable statements

on 2 Jun 2018

Ozone Enduro V2

Review Ozone Enduro V2 (2018)

on 16 Dec 2017

4 2018 9m kites tested

The We Test Kites team is in Tarifa this month again to test new kite gear.

on 23 Nov 2017