Chappoquoit Beach

Here are a few more pics i manage to take with my camera before the battery died...then some more with the cell phone (3.2MP tho). It was a fun day, even tho the conditions did not allow me to try my first session on water....but i did get to fly my 3m on the beach for a while, practiced jumping, sitting down and letting the kite pull me up, stuff like that.


side note: is this going to cause any issues creating duplicate session reports? It would be cool if there was the option for other people to add photos to someone else's session report, i know you can comment but havent tried yet, is there an option to comment with photos?

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This is very amazing view of that beach. I am a big fan of people like you. I also wanted to have freedom to do anything like this, but the fate is not with me. People have shared their vacations at to spread them among everyone. Thanks a lot for sharing such information about your visit.

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