First Steps to Kiteboarding

First Steps to Kiteboarding

Welcome to MASSkiting and the JV Swim Team! You are here to find out how to get started in this amazing sport, and we are here to help you on that path. Lessons are mandatory for all first timers. We do not sell lessons here (nor do we have preferential schools or instructors) but we are concerned for your safety as well as the safety of others. We want your first experiences to keep you stoked not keep you in the hospital. You can find a list of local schools and professional instructors here.

 Here is how the progression generally works:

 Trainer Kite and Intro Lesson – This lesson is normally an hour or two long and is designed to teach you wind theory and fundamental skills of kiting. You should expect about $100 for this lesson, less if it’s in a group. You will not get in the water for this lesson, but you will get a basic understand of how the sport works, as well as safety information. Then you will get to fly a trainer kite to begin to work on your kite skills. After this lesson, it is advisable to purchase a trainer kite so you can practice on your own.

Trainer Kite Practice – This is an important time as you will be building the base skills you need to get the most out of your next lesson. See our JV Notebook article on what to practice.

Beginner Water Lesson – This is typically a two to three hour lesson that will introduce you to piloting a large traction kite, then let you get into the water with that kite and body drag for the first time. Depending on how quickly you pick this up, you may also get your first attempt at getting on the board. This lesson normally runs between $250 and $350. After this lesson, depending on your comfort level, you may be ready to buy your own gear (see our JV article on buying gear) and rig your own kite (see our JV article on rigging your gear).

Launching & Body Dragging Practice – This time practice will teach you to feel comfortable and confident piloting your kite and get you ready to try out the waterstart.  See out JV article on launching and body dragging.

Board and Kite Skills – Now you are up and riding, or are ready to get up and ride, you will be working on developing the board and kite skills you’ll need to move to the next level. See our board skills and kite skills article in the JV Notebook. You will also need to learn to re-launch your kite consistently. See our water re-launch article.

Upwind Skills – Now that you are up and riding, staying upwind will be your first hurdle. Being able to effectively stay upwind is one of the prerequisites for graduating the JV team and tackling the tricks in the varsity section. See our JV article on upwind skills.

Transitions – Now that you are up and moving, you need to learn how to go back the other way. Being able to transition from one tack to another without dropping into the water is one of the prerequisites for graduating the JV team. See our article on transitions.

 Again, welcome to our community, we are very happy to have you here. Join us on the forums and we will see you out on the water!