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What tricks/skills are you working on?

Working on jumping higher than 1.5m.

How and where did you learn?

Took my first lesson at Barker’s Beach in Grand Cayman Island. Then took another lesson on Revere Beach. From there I learned mostly in Revere and Nahant.

Tell us about your favorite session

I went back to Cayman Islands 6 months after my first lesson there, and was working on doing my first jumps and boosts. The water is warm blue and beautiful there. Best place I’ve kited so far.

What was your favorite kiting trip?

My second trip to Cayman Islands definitely.

What was your worst kitemare?

In Nahant on long beach, and I was alone, and managed to self-launch. But when I went to land my kite, right when I started to pull the lines to topple the kite over a gust came and my lines got tangled around my bar. My kite just went around the other side of the window and came crashing down on the wooden beach fence ripping the canopy almost in half from leading to trailing edge.

How much gear have you trashed or lost?

Only ripped one kite, which I got repaired that day and took it out riding the next day.

What is your favorite place to kite?

Barker’s Beach in Cayman Islands

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61 B Oakwood Ave Revere