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    I wish this ended up happening haha

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    Hola crew. Still sorta new to the area, based in Providence, RI. Advanced kiter, chasing wave spots. Where is the go-to wave spot that’s open to kiting during the summer?

    I kited during the winter and spring here but is my first summer season. All the online info I can find on wave spots indicates “closed to kiting” during the summer.

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    Just moved to Boston in February. Haven’t been on the water since the end of last year and am really looking forward to getting on the water. Would love to meet up with some people and get some spot advice…
    I have been kiting for roughly 6 years and kite usually all year long every couple of weeks …
    Would absolutely love to try out snow kiting as well this year

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    Review Naish Pivot 2020:

    Naish Pivot 2020. The crown without the king.

    We Test Kites

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    Hey Ian, welcome! If you haven’t already plugged into our GroupMe chat, email teammasskiting@gmail.com and we can set you up. Hope to see you on the water soon!

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    The 780 Euro (9m) Xcite and Xplore kites from the Dutch Ventum Kiteboarding

    low cost excitement: the Ventum Xcite and Xplore

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    Hi All-

    I’m new to kiting in NE and very happy to see theres a strong community here!
    Looking to explore any sites in the northeast (I head to Falmouth, MA often, though not for kiting), continuing to learn and advance.


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    Review big air kite Velox from the Dutch Ten Kiteboarding

    Ten Velox: the Boeing 747

    We Test Kites

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    The 2012 14M LW I bought new in the Fall of 2012 and is in very good condition, looks years younger. One tiny repaired pinhole leak in canopy. This is a lightweight 3 strut kite designed to excel in lightwind hence the LW designation. If you are a bigger person, this is your kite. I rarely use it and keep it clean. Bridles are fine as well as the bar and lines which comes with a brand new flagout line. The grip is in excellent condition. Lots of life left in the setup, great value at $ 295 Cash. The 2014 8m I bought new and it is in great shape along with its matching bar. $ 475 cash only. Lithiums are know to be great all around kites with easy handling, good boosting and relaunch. No disappointments as these kites show really well. Both have their original bags. Have bought new kites. David in Gloucester. Photos available. 978 790-1536 dz@brownsyy.com

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    Earlier in the month I left a grey bungee cord and a big pink carabiner at pbay. The cord was attached to the fence just above the kiteboarding sign with the carabiner on it for an anchor. Please let me know if you picked it up

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    Curious if folks have been getting out with the shelter in place order? Whats beach access look like? Is there access to horseneck, chapin, etc?

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    Hey all! My names Matt and I am a 28 y/o M from New Bedford, MA.

    I am looking for pointers from fellow kiters and a community to help me practice and become self sufficient.

    I got into this late last summer and I’m eager to see what this year will hold. I have taken a couple lessons in West Dennis at Inland Kite with Phil and was able to water start and start riding a handful of times (for short runs). I feel like I’m at a point where I just need to get out there and practice now but have no one to go with.

    Any advice helps! Feel free to shoot me a message!

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    Hey Bryan, If you still have it I might be a taker.

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    Selling all my Slingshot foils and masts – $500

    Space Skate 65 Carbon (great learning foil…very stable)
    Hover Glide 5 + rear wing

    Masts: 15″, 22″, 28″, and 35″

    Call or text 415-577-1999

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    Hey All!
    My name is Rose, over the past couple years I have spent some time kiting in La Ventana and now I will be starting a job in Cape Cod in about a month. I would love to make some new friends here and get beta on the local spots! (Also looking for a room to rent hopefully nearby some good kiting!)

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