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14M RPM w/bar for sale $500.   Used only twice.


on 16 Jun 2019

Car keys and salt water

Car keys and salt water; review Keebunga and Keyfender.

on 3 May 2019

LF Echo board for sale

Liquid Force Echo, 143 x 43, good condition. High rocker, deep channels, big bouncy pop. Fun to ride without fins.

on 14 Apr 2019

RRD 10 knot lightwind board for sale

Good condition lightwind board will have you covered for summer doldrums. 144 x 46cm.

on 14 Apr 2019

Ride spreader bar, 12”. Never used $25

Ride spreader bar, hook style. 12”. Never used $25. 


Text 617-835-1530

on 2 Apr 2019

Xcel 7mm booties. Size 13

Just bought, used 2X then realized I bought wrong size. $89 new. Will sell for $50 b.o.


text me at(617) 835-1530 

on 2 Apr 2019

WeatherFlow to install new weather station at Horseneck Beach

Hi everyone,

Tim here with WeatherFlow and iKitesurf. Some of you may know about us and some reading this may even be iKitesurf members.

on 22 Mar 2019