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Ride Timeless 67 Snowboard w/Clicker

Great snow kite rig, Ride Timeless 67 board, fast and easy in/out Clicker Bindings system & Shimano Skylark boots size US10.5


on 11 Nov 2018

Vantage kites, is the revolution announced?

A new approach in kite design.
Read about it on We Test Kites;

on 6 Nov 2018

Lost board at Waquoit Bay-Crazyfly LW Cruiser

Lost my board around 4pm finishing a session at Waquoit. Crazyfly 160CM Cruiser LW. Appreciate the heads up if it turns up!

on 4 Nov 2018

Left pump at Pbay

Completely forgot a yellowish WMFG (i think) large pump at Pbay on Saturday 10/20.  If anyone has it, I'd love to pick it up or send you a shipping

on 25 Oct 2018

Ocean Rodeo Roam 9.5 2018 $450

kite only used 8x 503-975-1970. 

on 8 Oct 2018

Cabrinha Bars $199, Naish Torch $359, & more!

Adventure Kiteboarding -- keeping kiteboarding affordable!

New 2017 Cabrinha Quickloop bars starting at $199 complete with lines. 

on 7 Oct 2018

Lost Wooden Board, Revere Beach

Lost my wooden twin-tip board with Dakine straps. Left it behind on revere beach Wednesday, Sept. 19.  There's no brand name, I made it myself.

on 28 Sep 2018