Hi! I am actually new to Boston (coming from Germany) and I brought my kiteboarding equipment so I am really ready to go on the water! I lived in Munich for a while and surfed on the standing wave there (even in winter with ice and snow) so I am used to not too warm water and weather ;) Would be really nice to meet some of you locals and have some nice sessions. I live in Kenmore area and obviously Pleasure Bay is the spot I am excited the most about but would also be ready for some trips. Unfortunately dont have a car but if you guys do trips I am always up for it! Just hit me up :) Cheers!

Jeremy Reger
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  • Hey welcome to the area. Are you new to kiting or have you been doing it for a while. Pleasure Bay is NOT for beginners. That being said, if it's windy on a SW-SE people will be at Pleasure Bay. I'm there all the time, maybe see you down there soon! good luck!