I'm new to the area living in Quincy/Milton area. anyone ever kite off of Wollaston beach in Quincy? It looks pretty decent at the right tide level...thx Jimmy

Jeremy Reger
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  • Hey Jimmy,
    People have definitely kited there. The beach gets busy in the summer, so it's not the best summer spot. Plus the winds rarely line up in the summer. You need something with East in it. The problem is that East is one of those wind directions that you can kite like anywhere in Massachusetts. So most of us have our favorite East places to session. There's really not much special about Wollaston Beach (at least from my point of view, only kited there once) so I never think to go there. I'd MUCH rather kite Nahant, Winthrop, Hull, or even try a beach like Egypt, because there's more interesting stuff to ride in those areas. my 2 cents ;)