2010 MASSkiting Wachusett Mountain & Wachusett Brewery

<p>[img_assist|nid=3962|title=Ryde on MASSkiting!|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=264] What a day at Wachusett Mountain! Lisa, Bob and Ned did a great job getting us a great venue having a VIP room and balcony overlooking the mountain. Wachusett provided a Keg of Ryde Beer and some great signage for our events. Where else can you have free beer from a sponsor and get to ski all day for 10 bucks! Getting to the mountain I could see the Ryde signs pointing me to the MASSkiting event.</p>
<p>[img_assist|nid=3969|title=Lunch Time|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=264]</p>
<p>Once I got inside the keg was being tapped and people were coming in from early runs. Our team was everywhere and the T-shirts were visible from the lifts and balcony to help us find each other out there. The main banner was visible from the summit and people on the balcony were able to know just where everyone was off too. We had food brought to the large conference table and we all ate as a big family and took a time out for a group photo.</p>
<p>[img_assist|nid=3970|title=MASSkiting Rydes|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=264]</p>
<p>I had so many runs as there was hardly any line ever and the conditions were warm, partly sunny, and the snow great for the end of season. We had some snowball runs which did not get out of hand but when we were all alone up there we def had some laughs and I remember Jermy saying that with a snowboard on his feet hes never taken so many head shots. But over all I got to spend time with people and it was cool to take the mountain top to bottom with 10-15 other people at a time. Through the day people stopped to grab a beer and others would join in.</p>
<p>[img_assist|nid=3971|title=Photo opportunity|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=264]</p>
<p>Bob C was there randomly (A local kiter) snowboarding and got lucky with the &quot;Ryde&quot; so we proved there are kiters everywhere. Also a good friend of my family Peter and Paula skied up to the sign and asked for me having recognized it was our group so next I know my parents then came down to join the fun. Also we had all ages this year which I thought was a special addition to the day and shows the maturity of our very diverse family to have some younger folks enjoy what we had to share. In the end we a sure to find that kiteboarders have allot in common even off the water which is one thing that makes the MASSkiting project such a success.</p>
<p>[img_assist|nid=3972|title=Party Time!|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=264]</p>
<p>This year was definitely bigger than last and its nice to see on a windy day that we found just as much guaranteed stoke on the mountain... oh and did I mention the free beer!! We stayed and kicked the keg and the day was a huge success!!! Thank you everyone and again Lisa for all the commitment to have us back at the mountain, Bob for marrying Lisa who rocks!!, and Ned who is so stoked about his new Ryde Beer he again and again sponsors our events, which BTW you can find &quot;Wachusett RYDE&quot; at your local package store!!!! So if you want to support a good cause MASSKiting is blessed to have these sponsors Ryde On Wachusett Mountain... Hopefully we can see you again next year!</p>
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