afternoon ocean love

We have been talking baout a break from the flat water of the sound for days now, and with decently strong southwest winds all week, it looked like it wasn't going to happen. When the model called for a change to north winds in he afternoon yesterday, we prepped for a trip to the ocean side.

After a morning session on the sound side and a break for lunch, we packed the cars and headed for the Salvo launch point. With three 4x4's we were able to get all the gear onto the beach, and we started to pump. The wind was blowing side-off, but the three or four foot breakers lured us out anyways.

Rode the 12m until the wind died off as the sun set. Everyone made it back safe and sound and we managed to get some videos and pictures of the session, and we got to kite with a pair of dolphins.

Trip back was interesting. Kristof got stuck in the sand in his van and we needed to get pushed out, then we got pulled over on the way home for speeding. Kristof worked his magic and got off with a verbal warning for 70 in a 55.

Ended the day with 9 of us in the hot tub and some High Life. TN cooked us our first all-vegetable meal (I think our first meal with out double meats) and it was killer.