For the third year our New England based Kiteboarding community MASSkiting descends on Hatteras, NC OBX. Building momentum 60+ riders embark from the North East and make the 12hr drive to the Outer Banks Region to kitesurf as a community. This year Eric Fernandez our fearless adventure guide took the time to communicate with local resources to bring us the very best experience possible. Best and REAL kiteboarding offered to give us a day on our home beach to demo gear, watch pro riders, and even visit their facility to enjoy a sunset for a video preview of that amazing Session. Dimitri and founder/pro rider with Epic Kites made sure we had kites for the day.

This was a great opportunity and validation that MASSkiting's ability to execute an amazing week and attract not only great people but has been recognized by the local businesses willing to participate and help us mature this event.

The experience of the day was probably the future of events we will bring again to our home beaches. My day started with a downwinder and when I arrived back to our beach from Kitepoint, I could see the Best and Epic kites on the water and recognized the red REAL kiteboarding shirts. Best had their riders just killing it in front of the house! Many onlookers and new to the sport members got a first chance to see some pro riding. Dimitri as well had thrown down hard with his big air and insane ability. When I got on the beach I was surrounded by 30+ kites with another 60+ blanketing the sound. This is a kite scene! This is a big event this year, it was totally clear MASSkiting was living it up in Hatters!

I scanned the water to watch some handle passes, seeing people on the 4 decks, swimming in the pool, sitting in the hot tubs, getting details on and trying new gear, learning tips, riding, making lunch, drinking beers, sipping mojitos.... laughing and smiling. It was honestly humbling to see that the group had matured in a few short years from our first trip in 09'. There was an energy... Everyone is addicted to the sport, wind, adventure, and community. This day we had it all! But we were not just at an event.. We were the event! We all had an ear to ear grin and with every passing you heard.. "OMG this is so Epic!! This is crazy... I am so happy I came!"

This year Jermy, Eric, Jean brought you all a class act week event and trip! Hats off to them! Having people like this and group like you make MASSkiting not a any community, I will go as far to say more a shared Lifestyle. We are all similar in our ability to seek experience, we become abort more than kiting, its truely is a Lifestlye to its own which is why we all came to Hatteras NC together.

OH right the pig.. who would have thunk.. After a game changing day for our Trip and history a 100LB pig shows up still cooking as it came down the road on a huge smoker. Jermy planned a Pig Roast!!!! Really... potato salad, slaw, corn bread and a slow cooked pig in which we grabbed from right off the grill! Carolina BBQ!! So to say we had a good day kiting might be the understatement of the year.. But a year thats not over.. Welcome Spring!

Thank You EPIC, BEST, and REAL for your support in helping us grow this event!!!! and see you next year!