Chapin Saturday March 6 the A-Team assisting some newbies :) Skyrocket is always scoring a sesh!

So yesterday turned out to be a nice and sunny day.. To bad I didn't know how to use the camera that's why the quality of the picx is not that great. We'll get better..

We decided that yesterday was a perfect condition (or a list as a good as a get in the winter) to hang out at the beach and assist some newbies since the A-Team was meeting there anyway :)

And as you all know Skyrocket is always in and guess what; He did score the sesh...

That were some other folks out there I never get the chance to talk too since they we @ mayflower..

So if I miss you here make sure you tag yourself :)

Nice work Junior yesterday in the water start... Next time J is around he should be proud of ya :)