the day Dimitri came to play with the MassKiters

<p>The MassKiting house was nice enough to have Dimitri over one morning for breakfast and to show off his new EPIC kites. Well, <em>they</em> had breakfast, but Dimitri was too jonsed to get on the water and show them what the kites can do! Travis' job was to &quot;be the house&quot; but couldn't help ducking a few times&nbsp;while shooting the video!&nbsp;Then Di &amp; I&nbsp;escaped to the southside for a quick ocean downwinder (and if you've ever seen DM do a downwinder you know it was quick!) to give the MassKiting boyz a chance to put the kites to the test. Everyone had an EPIC&nbsp;session&nbsp;and even one Naish sponsored rider from Boston (who couldn't give his name in writing) said&nbsp;the Screamer&nbsp;was the biggest boosting kite he's ever ridden!</p>
<p>Anyone looking to see for themselves how much fun these kites are is welcome to try my 9m Renegade any time they see me at the beach. I'll probably be on my new 6m anyway!</p>
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