Deluxeberry Delight

Chris picked me up around 9AM and i skeptically got in the car. The Duxbury meter was reading a steady 0 with gusts up to 5. We hit the road and stopped for a deluxeberry deluxe breakfast. Met Julian and we drove out to High Pines.

The wind was blowing about 10 or so, barely whitecapping. We hung out on the beach for 3 or 4 minutes bitching, and suddenly wind started filling in. By the time we were pumped up, it was a solid 18-20. I hit the water first on my 12m, followed by Julian on his 12m, the Chris rocking the 2010 Wainman 12m.

The wind steadily built and Jasmine shot some in-water video while we killed ourselves. Within an hour the wind was in the mid-20's and things were rocking. Chris landed his kite to give jasmine a shot on the sweet 2010 Wainman 9m. The wind was a bit much for her at this point, and Chris ended up taking the kite himself.

Chris was lit on the 9m and Julian and I were superlit on our 12s. Julian was going HUGE! Chris hurt his ribs on a rather hard landing (see the photo, don't know WTF happened), and ended up parking the kite for the day and taking some more video. By half-past four we were all exhausted.

No post-session beer this time: Jasmine wanted Taco Bell.