Dog Beach, Wednesday 8/4/10

I woke up at 5 am to work a full 8 hours and still be out of the office by 3 pm, so you can imagine the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I got to the beach at 3:30 pm and the wind was blowing a cool 6 mph. I sat on the "bench" (which is just a big piece of driftwood which is now parked on a couple of rocks on the beach) for about 20 minutes pouting and swearing at the wind gods. Then I decided to pump up and get everything ready in case the wind picked up. Well, wouldn't you know it, about fifteen minutes after I set everything up the wind picked up enough for the Zephyr to fly.

I hopped on my ABoard flip 145 and was able to get a couple downwind rides in at first, walking back up the beach each time. On the third try I was able to stay upwind and jump! I was the only one out for a solid hour. It was amazing. I had the whole doggy bay to myself. The wind switched from southwest to west at some point when I was already about 300 feet off shore. It was great. It was like the wind gods saw that I was far enough off shore to be safe and then switched the wind so that I could ride back and forth along the perimeter of the beach!

After an hour a few more people showed up (though I didn't catch their names). There was one guy on a red 15 meter Cabrinah kite and another on a Slingshot Link.

Then the kook crew showed up: Johnny D and Skipper.

We all kited until the sun went down. Skipper threw some nice big floaty jumps and Johnny was throwin down some stylin unhooked tricks. Props to JD for saving my board.... TWICE! HA.

In conclusion: perfect summer day :)