Hatteras Movie Premier 2010 and Party

The 2010 Hatteras Movie Premier was a great success. 40+ MASSkiters and friends showed up at Howudoin Chris's place for a social and movie debut screening. We had time to converse, watch the 22min movie by Jean Dunoyer featuring MASSkiting in Hatt, picked our room reservations for next year, and then went out on the town.

It was amazing to see the group cheering and getting into the movie. For Jean he got to see how all that tactful editing paid off. It touched a number of people and ensured that we will be back to create new productions around community spirit. Its refreshing to see a video about us the average enthusiast and putting the spot light on our experiences. We have all seen the pros and the big events but for those watching this movie we accomplished stardom amongst our peers.

As for the houses next year. We have 3 huge houses on the water and half of them are booked already that night. For those that came to the party and were their last year its obvious that we cant wait for Hatt 2010.